A Brief Introduction to Chhatrashibir

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Identity of Homo sapiens
We men are “Ashraful Makhlukat”, the best of all the creatures. Allah, the Exalted, has bestowed highest dignity only upon man compared to all the other creatures, whether miniature or giant. He subjected the whole creation to some established rules but let man enjoy freedom of choice. Man is at liberty to do whatever he wishes. He made man his ‘Caliph’ or viceroy with such unparalleled dignity. Prior to the creation of mankind, He summoned and told the Angels that He would send His vicegerent down to the Planet Earth (Holy Quran, Surah Baqarah, Verse no. 30). The foremost duty of the viceroy is to carry out the onus assigned to him and to be accountable afterwards to his Lord.

Islam: the Way of life
Allah sent man down to the world and gave forthwith ‘Hedayah’ (Guidance to the even way) from His behalf. He sent his Prophets and Messengers as soon as man went oblivious of His ‘Hedayah’. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the final Messenger, Khatamunnabiyeen, Syedul Mursaleen, and no Messenger is to be assigned after His demise. He brought men the Quran, the ultimate Book of Hedayah whereby Islam, the only way of life acceptable to Allah, is finalized. Allah said, “Today, I have completed your DEEN for your sake and also my favors to you” (Surah Mayedah-3).

Identity of Muslims
Islam means self-surrender. So, a Muslim is he who pays wholehearted submission to Allah by completely accepting Islam. No one is Muslim merely cause he was born in a Muslim family and even a person born in a Non-Muslim family can turn as good as a Muslim if he believes and abides by all the dictates of Islam. Muslims are, as a whole, the best people of the whole mankind. The Quran declares, “You are the best people created for the sake of mankind. You will enjoin what is righteous and forbid what is vicious” (Surah Al-e-Imran-110). It elsewhere said, “And thus we made you a community of middle path so that you may bear witness to truth as to (the affairs of) the people” (Surah Baqarah-143).

Man fell into severe identity crisis these days and got totally oblivious of his duties and responsibilities. This is why injustice and mischief prevails all over the land and feud, jealousy, murder, anarchy and inequality among men increased on the epidemic scale. A great number of men, women and children are dying of privation while million tons of food are being dumped and spared into the sea and billion dollars are being lavished in the competition of outnumbering nuclear weapons. Those who vividly advocate peace are also seen to warn others of nuclear bombs. The helpless people are asking Allah for salvation. The condition of Muslims is abject even to a greater extent. The blood of Muslims is being shed in different parts of the world including Afghanistan, Palestine and Kashmir etc by the Islam-hostile folks. Severe cruelty and sheer injustice are being administered to the Iraqi Muslims by the anti-Islam global quarters headed by the Yankees enthused with Zionism. Muslims neither played any integrated role nor undertook any effective measure in this regard. As a result, anti-Muslim conspiracies are being deadlier day by day. Contrarily, however, the likelihood of the victory of Islam is also being evident day by day.

One day,
All men are to die without fail and return to their Lord, Most High. A time will come when man will have to stand the trial for all he did, where righteous or vile, after the day of resurrection. That day, those who did righteousness will get ‘Jannah’ for good, an ever-peaceful abode, as their reward and those who did vicious acts shall get Hell for ever, a place full of unspeakable torment, as their punishment. That day, moreover, all have to be accountable for all they did in their previous worldly life.

Allah Himself prescribed the way-out for that devastating day. The Quran says, “Do strive in Allah’s way at the cost of your life and property; it will surely bode well for you if you can realize the fact. Then, your sins will be forgiven and you will be made enter the Heaven beneath which flow the rivers” (Surah As-Saff: 11-12).

Today, under such circumstances, we have to know more and more about Islam, study the Quran and the Hadith, strive tooth and nail in the cause of Allah, enjoin righteous deeds and bar vile acts. But a man alone cannot do this job and united efforts are musts for this purpose. This is why Hazrat Umar (R.) opined, “Islam cannot do without united (efforts of any) band of people”. The condition of our country is very vulnerable. This country is one of the most poverty-stricken countries of the world and about 49 percent people here are living below the poverty line. Man is not at all happy with his life, living and way of life. The kids are also being grown up in a state of immorality. If these circumstances go on, the future of the nation is completely disappointing. A band of conscious people is badly needed to escape this misfortune. Under such compelling situation, Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir, an organization beloved by the talented youths, was established with a mission to call the youth to the way of Allah and to nurture the next generation citizens of the country as men of character and good conduct.

Aim and Objective of Shibir:
The aim and objective of this organization is to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by molding entire human life in accordance with the code prescribed by Allah (SWT) and exemplified by His Messenger (PBUH).

Chhatrashibir adopted 5-point agenda to serve the said purposes. They are the following-
(1) “Dawah” (Call to Allah) - To convey the message of Islam to the students, to inspire them to acquire Islamic knowledge and to arouse in them the sense of responsibility to practice Islam in full.
(2) Organization- To organize the students who are ready to partake in the struggle for establishing Islamic way of life within the fold of this organization.
(3) Training- To take appropriate steps to impart Islamic knowledge among the students integrated under this Organization to make them men of character, capable of braving the challenges of Jahilyah and thus to prove the superiority of Islam.
(4) Islamic Education Movement and Student-oriented Problems- To struggle for changing the existing system of education on the basis of Islamic values to build up ideal citizens and enhance leadership to solve real problems of the students.
(5) Establishing Islamic Social Order- To strive tooth and nail to establish Islamic social order for freeing humanity from all forms of economic exploitation, political oppression and cultural servitude.

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has been working with its integrated manpower all over the country. It is trying to nurture a student as a good student as well as a good Muslim in parallel. Shibir encourages its activists to grow up as good students by inspiring them to maintain daily personal report book, attend the classes and read books.
As Islam is for the betterment of the whole mankind, Islami Chhatrashibir is moving forward with a mission to beautifully preach Islam to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians at the same time. Public support for Shibir men is on the increase day by day as they hold aloft such beautiful mission. You are also welcome to Shibir to make yourself as a qualitative and efficient person and join the queue of the freedom-loving people both in this life and in the afterlife.

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# Current Central President:

Salahuddin Ayubi
Website: salahuddinayubi.info
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SAyubiOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/SAyubiOfficial

# Current Secretary General:

Rashedul Islam
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RislamOfficial