Shibir to stand besides flood affected people

রবিবার, ৩১ জুলাই ২০১৬ - সোমবার, ০৮ আগস্ট ২০১৬

Workers and members of Bangladesh IslamiChhatraShibir have been asked to stand beside the flood affected people throughout the country by the organization Central President Atiqur Rahman. He also asked the government and able citizens to come forward to help these people.

A monitoring cell was set up to supervise aid distribution in flood affected areas throughout the country at the monthly meeting of ChhatraShibir Secretariat. While presiding over the meeting, the Shibir President said,” Different areas of Bangladesh, in the meantime, have been flooded by water. The people of the flood affected areas are living a miserable life, and have little or nothing to eat. Day by day, their situation is worsening. This is a dangerous situation. But sadly, there have been no effective measures taken till now from the part of the government. Despite the fact thata large portion of the flood affected people are living miserable lives, the government is not providing them with aid.

Directing the all Shibir personnel to help the flood affected people in all manner possible, the president said that Shibir had always stood with people in their times of need. ChhatraShibir was involved with public welfare works, not to please any person or group, but to address its social responsibility and attain the pleasure of Allah. Every member and leader of ChhatraShibir needs to come forward from his side and help the flood affected people. Students need to join hands with ongoing aid efforts. In the meantime, Shibir personnel have come forward to help the flood affected people in many places in the country. The intensity and volume of this kind of effort needs to be increased.”

In the meeting, a seven-member monitoring cell was created, with the Secretary General as its Convener. Other than this, several volunteer teams were set up to help in the welfare and aid activities along with medical teams to give medical care and services for the flood affected people. The President called on the government to make enough aid available for the flood affected people. Besides that, he also asked all workers and leaders of Shibir to join in the effort and stand beside the flood affected people.