Holy Month of Rabiul Awal-1437

বৃহস্পতিবার, ২৪ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৫ - শুক্রবার, ২৫ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৫

You must be aware of the fact that the upcoming 25th Day of December (C.E.) is the 12th Day of Rabiul Awal (A.H).


Highly inspired by the Quranic Verse [33:21]- “Indeed there is a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for you in the (life of) Messenger of Allah”, Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has, with the aim of animating the young students by the Prophetic ideology, announced the following agenda on the occasion of the very auspicious Rabiul Awal.


1. Rallies & Discussions on the sacred Prophetic Life (Unit/Upozila/Ward level)
2. Conferences on the Prophetic Life
3. Distributing beautiful stickers ‘Shahadah’ is written on
4. Eves of singsong events glorifying the Prophet (PBUH)
5. Quizzes and Essay competitions on the life of Prophet (PBUH)
6. Competitions on Quranic recitals
7. Islamic Singsong Competitions
8. Symposiums and Seminars


May Allah help us discharge appropriately the duties shouldered by Him. Ameen!