Explosive Bangladesh and the Geopolitics of India

Civil War Erupts in Bangladesh, Four Killed’ was the headline of a news item published in the Hindustan Times on February 23. This was a simple description of the condemnation and resistance of the common mass against the depravity

Confusion about and Distortion of the Liberation War: Who are Liable

An unprecedented congregation of the bloggers and the online activists has been going on at Shahbagh of Dhaka since February 5. A large number of children,

Islam and/in the West

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt provide examples of largely peaceful transitions of power after decades of unflinching authoritarian rule. Yet change in these and other Arab countries caught the world by surprise.

Secularism the Rejection of Divine

Secularism as growing ‘religion’ in many parts of the world is experiencing increasing acceptance among educated segment of the society, either for its emergence as socio-political anti-religious conceptual apparatus,

Egypt on the Edge of Civil War

While Egypt’s new interim government is working to assert itself as the country's new legitimate transition entity by playing on Egyptians' thirst for economic stability and their frustrations, the military is cracking down against the Muslim Brotherhood and killing hundreds of peoples.

Eid & Our Martyrs of Islam in 2013

Eid this year, we mean 2013, is different from many its kinds in the past. The days following the 1971 liberation war witnessed the mourning of those who lost their beloved ones in the war.

It's extremist Muslims, not Islamic extremism

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a pointing remark in his article in the Daily Mail when he wrote, "There is a problem within Islam - from the adherents of an ideology which is a strain within Islam.

The Food Wasting Phenomenon : Are You Aware? Today’s Wastage is Tomorrow’s Shortage

Some time ago, the 2nd Penang Respiratory Summit brought me to a stylish, aristocratic 5-star hotel in the heart of Malaysia’s second largest city, Georgetown.

US Afghanistan leads to back?

The United States and its allies are reducing its military involvement and the current security mission in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. It is agreed by President Obama and Afghan President Karzai and they announced it on 11th January, 2013. US need to keep concern about the security of both Afghanistan and the region.