Chapter Two


Article 4 : Any student shall be entitled to the membership of this organization provided he accepts the aims and objectives of this Organization as those of his own life, is at one with the programmes and modus operandi of this Organization, actively takes part in the struggle for implementing the same, fully abides by the Constitution of this Organization, duly observes the injunctions (obligatory ibadah) enjoined by Islam, refrains from committing major sins and is not associated with any Organization having conflicting principles and methods in relation to aims and agenda with those of this Organization.

Article 5 : Any worker desiring membership shall collect a prescribed form from the Central President, duly fill in it and submit it to the Central President in the manner of being approved by the executive council and the Central President shall grant it and shall arrange for his oath. If the Central President does not grant him membership, he shall be liable to explain the reason thereof to the executive council.

Article 6 : Membership shall be repealed through a process prescribed by the executive council if a member fully or partially violates the terms and conditions laid by the Constitution in section 4 or violates the oath, taken while being a member, or shows reluctance and disregard to the Organization by words or deeds for a long time despite the efforts for his rectification.

Article 7 : If any member wants to resign his membership, he shall have to submit his resignation to the Central President. His membership shall be postponed as soon as the Central President receives it and his membership shall come to an end immediately after the Central President accepts it.

Article 8: Membership shall automatically come to an end two months after the publication of the result of the examination at the close of one's student life.


Article 9 : If any student subscribes to the aims and objects of this Organization, consciously agrees to the programmes and techniques of work of this Organization, observes the preliminary obligations of Islam and pledges to extend his full co-operation to the Organization in its integrated activities, shall be entitled to its associateship.
Article 10: Any student seeking associateship shall fill in the application form specified by the central organization and submit it to the Central President or his local representative and the Central President or his local representative shall approve it.
Article 11: If any associate fully or partially violates the preconditions mentioned in Article 9 of this Constitution, the Central President or his local representative shall repeal his associateship.