Shaheed Mustafizur Rahman Mostak

৩০ এপ্রিল ১৯৮৫ - ১২ আগস্ট ২০০২ | ১১৮

শাহাদাতের ঘটনা

118. Shaheed Mustafizur Rahman Mostak, 12 October 2002

Events of martyrdom
On 12 October 2002, Shaheed Mustafizur was killed in an attack by Naxalite terrorists, who had worked on the orders of failed Awami League candidate Abu Sayeed in Pabna. The Naxalites had been terrorising the area, and established a reign of terror in the constituency of Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami. Shaheed Mustafizur had organised villagers in his area to resist the Naxalite extremists, when one night, a group of 100-150 Naxalites attacked the village after 11 pm and raided and ransacked it, severely wounding Mustafizur among others. He died from his wounds at Rajshahi Medical college hospital.

At a glance
Name: Shaheed Mustafizur Rahman Mostak
Father: Dr. Abdur Rashid
Siblings: 3 brothers (he is youngest)
Permanent address: Pushparha, Nandanpur, Sathia, Pabna
Organizational value: Associate candidate
Last study: Alim 1st year, (human sciences), Pabna Islamia Madrasa
Place of martyrdom: Rajshahi Medical College Hospital

At a glance


Shaheed Mustafizur Rahman Mostak


Dr. Abdur Rashid

জন্ম তারিখ

এপ্রিল ৩০, ১৯৮৫

ভাই বোন

3 brothers

স্থায়ী ঠিকানা

Pushparha, Nandanpur, Sathia, Pabna

সাংগঠনিক মান

Associate candidate

সর্বশেষ পড়ালেখা

Alim 1st year, (human sciences), Pabna Islamia Madrasa

শাহাদাতের স্থান

Rajshahi Medical College Hospital

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ছবি অ্যালবাম: Shaheed Mustafizur Rahman Mostak