Shaheed Rabiul Hossain

২৭ মার্চ ১৯৮০ - ২৬ মার্চ ১৯৯৭ | ৯৪

শাহাদাতের ঘটনা

94. Shaheed Rabiul Hossain, 27 March 1980 - 26 March 1998

March 26, 1998. At the initiative of Mirsharai thana Chhatra Shibir, there was a discussion meeting on the occasion of Independence Day at Mithachara Madrasa campus. After the meeting, the procession came out. After the procession was finished peacefully, a Shabbedari program was being held in the office of the Shibir. After some time, the news came that the Chhatra League terrorists were torturing the Shibir activist Ashraf at Mithachara Bazar. Hearing this, the Shibir activists proceeded to rescue the Ashraf from the Chhatra League. But the killers of BCL started firing indiscriminately according to their previous plan. Shaheed Rabiul Hussain, after being hit by bullets, attained martyrdom.

At a glance
Name: Shaheed Rabiul Hossain
Father: Muhammad Shahid Ullah
Mother: Musammat. Bibi Churura
Birth Date: March 27, 1980
Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister
Permanent address: Purbo Mayaani, Mirsarai, Chittagong
Organizational value: Associate
Last study: Fazil degree, Mithachara Islamia Fazil Madrasa
Place of martyrdom: Mithachara Bazar

At a glance


Shaheed Rabiul Hossain


Muhammad Shahid Ullah


Musammat. Bibi Churura

জন্ম তারিখ

মার্চ ২৭, ১৯৮০

ভাই বোন

3 brothers, 1 sister

স্থায়ী ঠিকানা

Purbo Mayaani, Mirsarai, Chittagong

সাংগঠনিক মান


সর্বশেষ পড়ালেখা

Fazil degree, Mithachara Islamia Fazil Madrasa

শাহাদাতের স্থান

Mithachara Bazar

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ছবি অ্যালবাম: Shaheed Rabiul Hossain