Shaheed Ekramul Haque

০৪ এপ্রিল ২০১৮ - ০৫ জুন ১৯৯৪ | ৭৪

শাহাদাতের ঘটনা

74. Shaheed Ekramul Haque, 05 June 1994

The events of martyrdom

On 3 June, Shibir activist Ekramul Haque, who was martyred in Chittagong Medical College on 5 June, was seriously injured in the surprise attack of the armed terrorists of Chhatra Dal in Sonagazi thana of Feni district. He was a Masters result candidate and student of History Department in Chittagong University.

At a glance

Name: Shaheed Ekramul Haque

Father: Shamsul Huq Khan

Siblings: 2 brothers and 5 sisters

Permanent address: Safarpur, Kuddus Miah Hat, Sonagazi, Feni

Organizational value: Associate

Last study: Honors, University of Chittagong

Place of martyrdom: Chittagong Medical College

At a glance


Shaheed Ekramul Haque


Shamsul Huq Khan

জন্ম তারিখ

এপ্রিল ৪, ২০১৮

ভাই বোন

2 brothers and 5 sisters6

স্থায়ী ঠিকানা

Safarpur, Kuddus Miah Hat, Sonagazi, Feni

সাংগঠনিক মান


সর্বশেষ পড়ালেখা

Honors, University of Chittagong

শাহাদাতের স্থান

Chittagong Medical College

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ছবি অ্যালবাম: Shaheed Ekramul Haque