Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Strong condemnation and protest of police shootings and unjust arrest at Career Guideline Program in Comilla

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has strongly condemned the uncalled for attack, shootings and arrests by police in the Career Guideline program of Chhatra Shibir at Comilla.

Chhatra Shibir central president Mubarak Hossain and Secretary-General Sirajul Islam, in a joint protest message, said that the police had aimed to destroy the lives of the students of opposing views by torturing, imposing false allegations upon innocent students, instead of protecting the public interests. Last Friday, at 11 am, when a Career Guideline programme was being held with ordinary students, the police at Burichong Police Station suddenly opened fire on the general students. Two general students were shot at and five were seriously injured in the attack. Police arrested an injured student from the shootout. To cover up their wrongdoing, police stated that they were arrested while plotting vandalism, which is another example of crime carried out by police. We do not possess the language of protesting such indiscriminate shooting, assaults and hateful lies by police against innocent students in the name of the law. These ridiculous lies and drama prove that the police are arresting Shibir activists for the political gain of a certain group.

The leaders said that the irresponsible activities of police officers have repeatedly corrupted the profession of law enforcement since the present government came to power. The police would not have shot at innocent students if they had the slightest sense of patriotism and responsibility towards the people or cognizance of their duty to the people. Due to the unscrupulous activities of some police officers, public confidence in the police force has dropped to zero. We demand immediate release of the arrested leaders. At the same time, we call upon the police to respect their professional commitments and duties.