Wednesday, 04 September 2019

Shibir strongly condemns false statements of Counter Terrorism Unit Chief

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has strongly condemned the lies and baseless statements of counter-terrorism unit Chief Monirul Islam, who stated that Chhatra Shibir was involved in all attacks in Gulistan-Science Lab area.

In a joint protest message, Chhatra Shibir Central President Mubarak Hossain and Secretary-General Sirajul Islam said that we are mystified at the irresponsible and baseless statements he made in connection with the militant attack on the police, connecting Shibir with the militants. Every word of his involving Chhatra Shibir is blatantly false and politically vengeful. Despite being a senior officer, he has made this statement from a political and and vengeful standpoint without any proof. The countrymen are seeing that the government' ministers and MPs are giving different speeches at different times. At the same time, politically biased police officials like him, like political leaders, are also making misleading statements. His statement today will further increase the confusion. The government is using some party police officers like Manirul to hide their failures. Earlier, he had made irresponsible statements involving Chhatra Shibir which have been proven false over time. The government and the police are trying to shift blame to cater to a special agenda, which is clear through the above statement. We think that this misleading statement has been made as part of a conspiracy by the government against Islam and Islamic movements in the country. We want to assert that Shibir is working with students according to its planned programs. Chhatra Shibir has nothing to do with militancy. Because Shibir does not believe in militancy.

The leaders said that making false statements to serve a group is an utter disregard for the sacred duty of the police. The nation wants to see the police in a more responsible role. If they continue such irresponsible roles, they will not be able to achieve anything but lose the trust of the people, which is by no means desirable.

The leaders urged the police not to propagate lies but instead perform their duty to arrest the real culprits through proper investigation.