Tuesday, 06 August 2019

Strong condemnation and protest of false news involving the wrongful arrest of Shibir activists in relation to attack BCL leader and attacks against Shibir activists

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has strongly condemned the false reports of some media in connection with attacks, torture, police arrests against Chhatra Shibir in relation to attacks against a Chhatra League leader.

In a joint protest message, Chhatrashibir central president Mubarak Hossain and Secretary-General Sirajul Islam said that the Chhatra League's terrorism in Satkhira and the irresponsible role of police and some media is extremely shameful. Without any reason, the BCL terrorists attacked the student's mess in the dark at night. At that time, 4 Shibir activists were tortured and handed over to police. The police also arrested the Shibir activists based on the false testimony of the BCL cadres. On the other hand, some media, including BD News, have cooked up stories involving Chhatra Shibir with the alleged shooting of a BCL leader.

Police are harassing ordinary students using this incident. Chhatra Shibir has nothing to do with the shooting of Chhatra League leader Ajmer. In fact, Ajmer Hussein, along with the terrorists, had attacked the innocent students in the middle of the night. He was accompanied by Syed Sadikur Rahman, general secretary of the district BCL, known to someone dealing with arms in the area. Sadikur Rahman has also brandished arms publicly in the last election and threatened many opposition leaders by putting guns to their heads. He always has a firearm with him. Sadikur Rahman had originally fired upon Shibir activists. Azmir Hossain was injured in that very shooting. But the blame has been unjustly put on Shibir and the police have come down to arrest and humiliate Shibir members.

The incident has proved that the police have chosen not to protect law and order but to help the terrorists as an auxiliary force. On the other hand, the media like the BD news have taken the responsibility of covering up the deeds of the BCL terrorists and the police. Chhatra Shibir is in no way involved in the attack. Yet the indiscriminate arrest of the Shibir activists and their vilification is a manifestation of their biased policy.

The leaders said arresting and lying for the purpose of propaganda by police and journalists to serve specific interests is an extreme maligning of the sacred duty of police and journalism, which is encouraging terrorism. If they continue such irresponsible roles, they will not be able to achieve anything except losing the trust of the people, which is by no means desirable.

The leaders urged the police and the media to release the arrested innocent Shibir activists, arrest the attackers of the Shibir activists and general students and punish them, stop harassment of innocent students and prevent biased propaganda.