Sunday, 04 August 2019

Chhatrashibir statement urging leaders to prevent Dengue outbreak, monitoring cell set up for monitoring and to raise awareness

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has issued a statement urging activists to help in preventing the spread of dengue in different parts of the country including the capital and to set up a monitoring cell to monitor the situation and spread awareness.

In a joint statement, the central president of Chhatrashibir Mubarak Hossain and Secretary-General Sirajul Islam said that dengue has become a fearsome reality in the country. Already, many people have died of dengue. The number of dead is increasing every day. Patients are not being compiled at the hospital. Not enough services and medicines are available in all facilities. More worrisome is that this time, dengue has already spread to 12 districts.

A large number of people are getting affected with dengue every day. The government's efforts to combat dengue are absolutely inadequate and questionable. Awareness is now the best way to prevent dengue in such a dire situation. In this dire situation of the country, everyone has to play a conscious and important role from his own position. Especially, students have to play a historically important role.

Asking activists to assist the dengue affected people and help in efforts against the spread of dengue, the leaders said that Shibir has never shied away from its duties to the nation. Since its founding, Shibir has always stood beside the most vulnerable. This time it will not be an exception. Leaders have been instructed to take the utmost effort to assist and prevent the outbreak of dengue victims. In this case, special teams should be formed in each area to enforce the dengue prevention program. Blood donation should be organized for those patients needing blood.

People need to be made aware of the methods of preventing dengue everywhere. At the same time, the teams must be actively involved in destroying the breeding sites of Aedes mosquitoes. Young people and students should be involved in these activities. When someone is suffering from dengue, they must assist as much as possible in the treatment. Special prayers and acts must be done to ask Allah to protect the nation from this plague.

Calling on everyone to be aware, they said that the danger is for all of us. So we have to be highly conscious. Insha Allah, we will be able to prevent this epidemic if all the people make a concerted effort. We all need to know that Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in the stagnant water. Therefore, water in any vessel or place can not be allowed to remain stagnant for more than three to five days. Aedes mosquitoes usually prefer to bite within half an hour after sunrise and half an hour before sunset.

So one needs to be especially careful of mosquito bites at these two times. One must use mosquito nets before going to bed. This is one of the best ways to prevent dengue. If dengue fever is suspected, necessary tests and treatment should be done according to the doctor's advice. Everyone has to do these tasks from their own stand and situation. We hope that with the concerted efforts of all, the nation will be saved from this terrible pestilence.

The Secretary-General Md Sirajul Islam was made Convenor and Secretary of Social Services Dr. Salman Farsi was made the member secretary of a six-member central monitoring cell to raise awareness among the public about the outbreak of Dengue and to assist the victims. In addition, a number of medical teams have been formed with the help of volunteer teams and victims to implement the above activities.