Friday, 12 July 2019

Strong condemnation and protestation of Jugantor report of 'Militant and Jamaat groups collecting weapons-explosives' falsely and baselessly involving Chhatra Shibir

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has strongly condemned and protested against the publication of false and baseless news involving Chhatra Shibir in the report titled 'Militant and Jamaat groups collecting weapons-explosives'.

In a joint protest message, Shibir central president Mobarak Hossain and Secretary-General Sirajul Islam said that this fabricated report was made by copying from old news from a position of rivalry and revenge, not journalism. Referring to the recovery of arms in different places, the connection of Jamaat-Shibir has been cunningly shown with fictional sources. There is no relation of Jamaat and Shibir with these incidents.

On the other hand, false reports by Jugantor on July 2 connecting Shibir with the recovery of alleged weapons at Swamiganj was protested by Chhatra Shibir. Shibir sent protests to all the media including Jugantar and it was also published in various media. But the reporter preferred propaganda than mentioning that rejoinder. There is no relation of Shibir or Jamaat with the militants. Rather, the involvement of AL leaders and their activists with terrorism has been proved - the central leader of JMB Sheikh Abdul Rahman is a relative of a top AL leader, and the son of a central leader of AL participated in the Gulshan attack. In 2005, police arrested Gazi Abdullah Al Mamun, president of Narail Sadar upazila unit BCL, in relation with simultaneous bombings in 63 districts.

Narail Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Subhash Biswas confirmed his involvement with militancy. The main leader of the militant abduction in Mymensingh was a Jubo League leader. The name of the murderer of the blogger Niloy, was identified as Nahin, the nephew of State Minister for Labor, Mojibul Haque Chunnu. Rohan Ibn Imtiaz, the son of Imtiaz Khan Babul, leader of the Dhaka City Awami League, was one of the attackers at Gulshan's Holy Artisan restaurant. The presenter of the IS video, Shafi, is the son of former Home Secretary and Election Commissioner Safiur Rahman, one of the protagonists of the so-called Janatar Mancha. Awami League leader Babul has been identified as the attacker on the Eidgah grounds at Sholakia. Kayes, the son of Nurul Islam, a Awami League leader from Chittagong, was convicted of involvement in militant activities in Singapore.

Muntasirul Islam Anindha is the cousin of former mayor of Rajshahi city and Awami League leader Khairuzzaman Liton Local Awami League leader Atahar Uddin is the owner of Kalyanpur's insurgent house building. Besides,Al Amin, the leader of Dhobaura Union Chhatra League was among six people arrested on suspicion of being militants in Mymensingh. It is evident from these incidents that Awami League is a major platform for the spread of militancy in the country.

But the reporter had hidden such truths and made a fictitious statement against Shibir by pointing out the myths of fictitious sources, which is an example of unethical journalism. We are rejecting this attempt to abuse the sacred profession of journalism. The government has always played foul with militancy. And there is no doubt that there is a link to that wrong policy with this fabricated report.

The leaders said that some media campaigns like Jugantar have been propagated before to connect the student wing with issues such as militancy and weapons. But we have challenged such narratives many times mentioning there is no relation of such actions with Shibir. But no one has ever been able to give the correct answer to that challenge. It is not the work of actual journalists to speak like imbalanced politicians.

As we have said before, and say once again with firm conviction, no one has ever been able to show any relation of Shibir with militancy in our long journey, and will not be able to do so in the future. This is because Chhatra Shibir does not believe in militancy. Shibir thinks of militancy as being theunacceptable way. And the people of the country hate terrorism and militancy, and false narratives by the government.

The leaders urged the reporter and the media to refrain from releasing such false and baseless reports in the future.