Thursday, 04 July 2019

Chhatrashibir Central President Mobarak Hossain attains Dawrah-e-Hadith (Takmeel) Degree

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir Central President Dr. Mubarak Hossain achieved 696 marks in Dawrah-e-Hadith (Takmil) attaining the "Jayyid Jiddan" division. He achieved this meritorious result in the Dawrah-e-Hadith (Takmeel) degree examination-1440 AH / 1426 Bangla year/ 2019 AD held under Al-Hai'atul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Kawmiya Bangladesh.

Earlier in 2017, he received his Ph.D. degree from Shri J.J.T University of Rajasthan, India. The title of his research was "Leadership Process in Management: A Comparative Study Through the Islamic and Conventional Perspective"

Dr. Mobarak Hossain was born on February 1, 1987, in the village of Balina, at Brahmanpara, Comilla. He is the fourth son of Mosheh Uddin Ahmed and Khodeja Begum. He completing Dakhil from Balina Madrasa of Brahmanpara and HSC from Muradnagar Oddhyapok Abdul Majid College. Following that, he attained his BBA Honours from Rajshahi University and MBA from Northern University He has published five articles in various research journals of the country and abroad. He also participated in various international seminars and presented articles.

The Secretary-General of the Chhatrashibir, Md. Sirajul Islam, along with the members of the Secretariat, congratulated him for this unique achievement. The Secretary-General said that this achievement by the honorable Central President in the face of extremely busy schedules and responsibilities is an inspiration for the student community. The achievement of the Shibir President is an example of the promise that Chhatra Shibir has promised to give the nation a citizen knowledgeable in both Islamic and modern education systems. We wish him the highest success.