Friday, 28 June 2019

Indomitable meritorious students are the assets of the nation- Shibir president

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir central president Dr. Mobarak Hossain said that the true meritorious are those who have achieved good results by using their own will power to overcome hundreds of obstacles. The indomitable meritorious have set a brilliant example by accomplishing the impossible. They have brightened the face of the country's society and their families through their tireless work.They are not unworthy, but these indomitable meritorious students are invaluable resources of the country.

He said this while addressing a reception of meritorious students obtaining GPA-5 in SSC, Dakhil and equivalent examinations, organized by Chhatra Shibir. Those who received GPA-5 in SSC and Dakhil despite various obstacles received 'indomitable meritorious reception' organised by Shibir. Jamaat-e-Islami Nayeb-e-Amir and former MP, Professor Mujibur Rahman was present as a special guest. Shibir central publicity secretary Rajibur Rahman Palash, student welfare secretary Sohel Rana Mithu, student movement secretary Abdul Jabbar, and school secretary Shafiul Alam, among others, were present.

The Shibir president said that the students of this country are always meritorious, something that they repeatedly prove at different levels with good results. Although lagging behind in many aspects, we are ahead in the merit race with the blessings of Allah. But sadly, many of the meritorious students of the country resign in an untimely fashion due to poverty. Due to obstruction, their talents can not be utilized for the welfare of the country. In the absence of proper care, these meritorious students usually continue till the secondary level, but can not proceed further. The government did not come forward with effective measures for officially helping them. But if higher education could have been arranged for them, they would have been most useful for the welfare of the country and the nation. They would have been able to showcase Bangladesh positively to the world. It is extremely unfortunate that this priceless wealth is being wasted. In this situation, each of us has to act responsibly from our respective places.

The government and the society will have to extend their hands, along with the wealthy, to ensure that such talent gets nurtured. Only then will Bangladesh be able to move forward.

He said to the talented audience, you have shown how to overcome obstacles and move forward. If your current progress continues, Bangladesh will become one day a golden Bangla. We believe that one day you will change Bangladesh in a very comprehensive way. There is no scope to be satisfied in your success, but look forward. You need to be more attentive towards building your career in the country.

He said that Chhatrashibir was the beloved address of the meritorious students. We want you to nurture this achievement and talent properly and develop yourself and your country. We ask you to play an important role for the nation, humanity and civilization. Chhatra Shibir was always beside talent before and will be there in the future too Insha Allah.

In the reception ceremony, cash and books were provided along with crests to the talented meritorious recipients of GPA-5. It is to be noted that Shibir organizes receptions from center to center, branches and different levels for those invincible talented students who 'maintain the mark of merit despite many obstacles' every year.