Friday, 28 June 2019

United efforts to achieve people's rights must be strengthened- Shibir President

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir central president Dr. Mobarak Hossain said that the people of Bangladesh are at the limit of their lack of rights. People not only lack the right to survival, but also lack the right to a normal death. In this situation, the increase of united efforts are needed to obtain the rights.

He said this in the welcome address at a Eid Reunion held in an auditorium in Dhaka in honor of the leaders of friendly student organisations, organized by Shibir. Shibir Secretary General Md. Sirajul Islam chaired the session; others spoke on the occasion- Nizamuddin Al Adnan (Organizational Secretary, Chhatra Jamiat), Abdur Rahman Faruqi (General Secretary, Jagpa Chattra League), Sheikh Enamul Hasan Tanim (President, Chhatra Kallyan Party), Khan Assad (President, Muslim Chhatra League), Shariful Islam (General Secretary, Chhatra Mission), Syed Mohammad Milon (central convenor, Bangladesh Chhatra Mission), Md Shariful Islam (General Secretary, Bangladesh Chhatra Mission), Abdul Rahman (Executive Member, Muslim Chhatra League).

The leaders emphasized the importance of working together for Islam and the interests of the country. The central office secretary of Shibir, along with other leaders were present at the program.

Shibir president said that the mismanagement of governance in Bangladesh is unprecedented. The farmer who provides food for the people of the country through his sweat and blood, is burning his crops for not getting the fair price for it, and is committing suicide. On the other hand, in a project running on loan funds, the cost of a pillow is being shown as 6717 taka. Such horrific pictures of mismanagement are not only rare in the history of Bangladesh, but also rare in the history of the world.

Even the right to a normal death is lacking in the country today. Recently, after the disappearance of the former Home Minister's nephew, he was returned for special reasons. However, the number of people who have become disappeared is increasing everyday. Continued murder through illegal crossfire continues. Due to mismanagement, many lives are being lost daily in road accidents. There are millions of unemployed people in the country as per the government itself. Despite this, the Prime Minister said there is no unemployment in the country; which is tantamount to ridicule against unemployed and underprivileged people The budget presented recently is as unacceptable as before.

This budget is not only unbalanced in income-expenses but also promotes regional discrimination. Due to discrimination in between the village and city, the balance of economy will be lost. In this Awami budget, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Corrupt people have been encouraged directly in the budget. Due to the overall mismanagement and misdeeds of the government and their dependents, the people of the country are living a very uncertain and crippling life today.

He also said that the judiciary of the country has been destroyed through politicization and favoritism. Where killer are easily let off by the court, the three time Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia is being held in prison on false and petty excuses. Likewise, the leaders of opposition political parties including the top leaders of Jamaat are being tortured by repressive lawsuit.

In such a situation, Islam and patriotic forces will have to protest this injustice unitedly, with the people. This meeting of ours today will work to fulfill the expectations of the nation. I believe that today's reunion will be a milestone in achieving people's rights, protecting the country and Islam, and in the freedom movement of the people, Insha Allah