Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The ghosts of Mir Zafar are fanning flames of national divisions - Shibir President

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir Central President Dr. Mobarak Hossain said that though almost three centuries have passed since the events of Palashi (Plassey) signifying a black chapter of traitorship, the ghosts of Mir Jafar have not disappeared. They are clinging to the neck of the nation and are fanning flames of national divisions. So the traitors need to be stopped to save the country and the nation.

He said this while addressing a discussion and prayer program on the occasion of the historic Palashi Day organized by Dinajpur City branch of Chhatra Shibir in an auditorium at Dinajpur city.

The Shibir president said that the state is acting the role of Mir Jafri today. The nation is celebrating Palashi Day at a time when the dark shadows of Mir Jafar-Ghaseti Begum are trampling on the rights and freedoms of the people, and holding onto power illegally. The freedom and democracy gained through a lot of movements in exchange for blood are in danger today. They want to make people slaves.

They want to make this country a colony of the colonised. An unelected government is exercising power over democracy-loving people. They are being oppressed by the misuse of state power and oppressing the people. For the sake of political objectives, national divisions have been aggravated. Forsaking national interests, whimsical policies are being enacted one after the other. Neither the country nor the people are bigger to them, but the greed of power. It is as if this is just a reflection of the misdeeds that Mir Jafar had done against the nation.

He further said that history did not stop in the plains of Palashi. As the successors of Siraj-ud-daula, the oppressed people had woken up over time. They built wall of resistance with the highest manner of sacrifice. In this manner they chased away the power hungry forces. Thus today's occupiers are not permanent either. They will also be defeated if the people come forward together with the spirit of Palashi to face the traitors. Like the traitors before them, they will be thrown into the dustbin of history, and victory will be for the people.