Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Chhatrashibir deeply mourns death of Former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir expressed its deepest condolences at the demise of Dr. Muhammad Morsi, Egypt's only democratically elected president, and one of the top leaders of the world's Islamic movement, and asked all to pray to Allah for his martyrdom.

In a joint message of condolence, Chhatrashibir Central President Mobarak Hossain and Secretary General Sirajul Islam said that Dr. Muhammad Morsi, the favorite leader of millions of Muslims of the Islamic world, and the only democratically elected president in Egypt, passed away during trial at court in the custody of the oppressive ruler of Egypt Abdul Fattah Sisi (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Illaihi raji'oon). At the end of life, he died without proper medical treatment and far away from his family, while being unjustly held under trial by the barbaric anti-Islamic regime. In this painful death of his, the activists of Chhatra Shibir and the people of Bangladesh, alongside the whole Muslim world, are deeply saddened.

The leaders said that Muhammad Morsi was the artisan of rising of the Islamic movement throughout the world, not just Egypt. General Abdul Fattah Sisi massacred hundreds of thousands of Islam-loving students, women and children and the old, and arrested thousands of leaders including the popular President Morsi with the direct help and cooperation of international anti-Islamic forces to prevent the rise of Islam. The illegal government of the barbaric dictator Sisi has tortured and executed many activists in jail. But in spite of torture and injustice, then activists and leaders of the Islamic movement did not deviate one inch from the great ideals of Islam. They tolerated persecution but did not bow down their heads to the evil forces. His killing was being plotted by Sisi authorities mainly for the crime of leading the Islamic movement. And that is why despite being a former President, Dr. Muhammad Morsi was deprived of family care and medical attention and treatment, and he was killed little by little. We pray and hope that he receives the honor of martyrdom in front of Allah.

The leaders warned that the Islamic revolution cannot be stopped by killing the soldiers of the Islamic Movement. Dr. Muhammad Morsi is the inspiration of the global Islamic movement. He had declared, "The Quran is our constitution, the Prophet (PBUH) is our leader, martyrdom is our path," and he had always remained steadfast on this concrete declaration. As a result, today the hearts of millions of young people around the world are saddened for Morsi. He will eternally remain a lighthouse for the workers of Islamic movement Insha Allah. The people of Egypt and the Muslims of the world will remember him with respect for his uncompromising stance and role in protecting Islam.

The leaders prayed for the highest station of martyrdom for the departed soul and prayed to Allah Almighty to grant patience to mourning family and companions of the deceased.