Thursday, 16 May 2019

ChhatraShibir condemns the promotion of Islamic fundamentals as symptoms of 'militancy'

Bangladesh Islami ChhatraShibir has strongly condemned and protested the advertisement and propaganda by an organization called Sampriti Bangladesh where fundamental provisions of Islam such as the keeping of the beard and keeping trousers above the ankles were labeled as signs of 'terrorism'.

In a joint protest statement, Chhatra Shibir Central President Mobarak Hossain and Secretary General Sirajul Islam said that on 7th May Sunday, the actor Piyush Bandyopadhyay, the convener of the organization, through a campaign and advertisement published in almost every national daily, showed 23 signs of identifying suspected 'terrorists'. Some of the features to look out for in budding 'terrorists', as mentioned by Piyush Bandyopadhyay in his campaign and advertisement include - increase in study of religious issues, conversing and advising on religious morality, showing interest in Islamic rule and application of Sharia law, a tendency towards practice of religion, and some fundamental obligations such as growing beards and wearing trousers above ankles. The leaders said that these are clearly the fundamental issues of Islam and belittling these issues meant insulting Islam directly.

These issues of Islam do not in any way encourage militancy, but help in keeping youth society away from militancy through the proper practice of Islam. There is no relation to militancy incorrect Islamic practice. The Islam loving student community of this country obey these basic things in their lives and at the same time they also hate militancy. Such well-planned propaganda is basically made to keep the youth away from Islamic practice by utilizing the fear of militancy. This is the reflection of Piyush Bandyopadhyay's ignorance of or animosity against Islam. There is no doubt that this initiative is a clear conspiracy to destroy Islamic values. This conspiratory initiative will not induce harmony but will destroy harmony.

The leaders said that only the application of Islam in real life and its sincere pursuit can keep youth society free from militancy. But Piyush Bandyopadhyay's irresponsible activities are actually meant to be provocative. This advertisement and campaign have bled the heart of every devout Muslim. The Islam loving students of Bangladesh will not accept any anti-Islamic conspiracy. We urge an immediate end to this senseless campaign. At the same time, Piyush Bandyopadhyay should apologize for his callous behavior towards Islam. We want to clearly say that the nation will not accept any anti-Islamic conspiracy in the guise of fighting terrorism or militancy.