Friday, 07 September 2018

Shibir Statement demanding trial of killers of students, resignation of Shipping minister and trial of attackers upon student protesters

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has issued a statement demanding the trial of the killers of the two students, the resignation of the Shipping minister and the trial of the attack on the students by police, BCL and transport workers.

In a joint statement, Chhatra Shibir central president Yasin Arafat and secretary general Mobarak Hossain said that on Sunday, two students of Shahid Rameezuddin Cantonment College, class 10 student Abdul Karim, and class 11 student Dia Khanam, died after being run over by uncontrolled buses while standing beside the airport road in front of the Kurmitola General Hospital in Dhaka. While the countrymen were mourning the tragic death of the students, the Shipping minister smiled on being asked about the death of the students in front of journalists. To hide the murderers, he shifted the talk by referring to statistics of India's road accidents, showcasing his disturbing mentality.

We have no language of condemning the minister for such irresponsible and ridiculous behavior. Nobody can make such cruel mockery of people's death. No civilized country can have such a minister. Rather the Shipping minister is a symbol of terror and cruelty. His disgusting behavior is not new. He has absolved the road transport workers and owners of all their unjust ruthlessness in the past. The transport workers are becoming reckless due to his support, and are responsible for many cruel killings. Even today, students have been run over by a vehicle at Jatrabari. There, the Chhatra League and Juba League terrorists have attacked students and created another hateful example of brutality. For the last three days, the government has not taken any effective steps even after students have boycotted class examinations and taken to the streets in large numbers.

The leaders said, killing two students is not just an accident, but the result of ill-fated competition between two buses, which is happening every now and then. These conscious killings- murders. Prior to this, meritorious student Raziib's hands were cut off and lost in the scuffle between two buses. Sayedur Rahman Payel, a student of the North South University in the capital, lost his life. Even though such spine chilling events have happened again and again, state measures have not been taken to prevent them. On the contrary, those who are victims of the accident are being held responsible. Through this, the desires of the shipping minister and the offenders were being reflected.

This situation can not continue in a civilized nation. Students have left their classes and come down to the road to demand for safety in their lives. We extend full support to the fair demands of the students and proclaim solidarity with their movement. Immediately the Minister of Shipping Shahjahan Khan must resign, safe roads must be ensured, and the killers drivers of Jabal-e-Noor must be given speedy trials and be hanged. Chattra League and Jubo League attackers upon the students must also be brought to justice. Effective steps must be taken to ensure proper security and facilities for the architects of the future of the country. Otherwise the students will not return home, but the people of the country will stand beside the students instead.