Friday, 07 September 2018

Chhatra Shibir leaders will have to work for the victory of Deen in the society - Shibir President

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the nation can get rid of the overall mismanagement, only by establishing Deen in the society. Therefore, the activists must act further to work for the victory of Deen in the society to gift a welfare based lifestyle.

He said this while addressing the Shibir units representatives meeting organized by Chhatra shibir in an auditorium in the capital. Former central president Abdul Jabbar spoke as special guest in the program conducted by Secretary General Mobarak Hossain. Among others, central office secretary Sirajul Islam, literature secretary Salahuddin Ayubi, law secretary Riaz Uddin, Social Services secretary Shaheen Hasan Prodhan and various leaders were present.

The Shibir President said that those who are unable to support welfare ideology cannot accept the existence of such ideology. Moreover, they are unable to face such ideology with ideals of their own. Rather, oppression and injustice against the Islamic ideals is their main weapon. Throughout the ages, the soldiers of Allah fought for the purpose of establishing the truth. On the other hand, the forces of evil wanted to hold down and bury the truth. The land of Bengal is also not free from it. They have made the Islamic movement their main opponents. One after the other, they have kept ongoing oppression, torture and injustice. But all attempts to hide and nullify the history has failed. It has been proved in the world that true political, economic, social and democratic freedom will not come without the victory of the Deen. To establish true peace in the country, the spread of Deen and establishment of Deen in the society is the only way. And we are determined to continue on this way. In order to establish a good society and country, the heroic soldiers of history have set examples of highest sacrifice and success. We are their successors.

He also said that the conquest of Islam has been achieved by a lot of sacrifices. There is no doubt that the torture of jail is a difficult ordeal for the workers of the Islamic movement. But it also carries the message of the rise of the Islamic movement. The great enthusiasm of the forces of evil regarding the Islamic movement and creating obstacles in its path is a proof of that advancement. So the caravan is moving forward in the right direction. We have to stay steadfast towards in ideals. All the forces of evil have to be tackled by the ideals. It is to be remembered that today or tomorrow, forces of evil will be defeated by true ideals. History is witness to this. For the victory of Islam, the workers of Islamic Movement must have the highest of qualifications. For this, every moment must be rightfully used. On the basis of knowledge-science and ethics, appropriate manpower must be developed. Every leader will have to excel and show competence in all areas, including technology.Skills should be increased in each and every field, including contemporary issues. In all circumstances, there must be steadfast trust in Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala. If the goal is steadfast, we will succeed insha Allah.