Monday, 30 July 2018

People of the country have become hostage to the undemocratic behavior of the government

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra shibir, said that the illegal government is clinging to the neck of the people like a cursed stone. The people of the country are fed up at the excessive actions of the government and their adopted terrorist minions. The government is not only harassing the opposition, but also created unstable conditions in the country by arresting ordinary people and students. In fact, the people of the country have become hostage to the undemocratic behavior of the illegal government.

He said this in the chairperson’s speech at the second general session of the Central Executive Committee of the Chhatra Shibir in an auditorium in the capital today. Under the supervision of Secretary General Mobarak Hossain, Jamaat Assistant Secretary General Rafiqul Islam Khan, Selim Uddin, Amir of Dhaka Metropolitan North, Atiqur Rahman, former central president, and many other leaders spoke in the session.

The Shibir president said terrorism and torture have now become a national disaster due to illegal government patronage. No citizen of the country is in comfort now. People from all walks of life have become impatient today due to lawlessness, harassment by law enforcers, arrests, terrorism in the educational system, drug usage, social degradation, unjust trials, partisanship of law courts, vote robbery and oppression. The general public is being deprived of even the minimum of rights. Hundreds of thousands of students are passing a horrific time. The Prime Minister herself is pushing the student community and Bangladesh towards a terrible uncertainty. She ignored the whole student community and continues to support the BCL terrorists. Many innocent students have disappeared while making fair demands. Torture is being carried out with brutality in remand. The meritorious students are being beaten by the prime minister's BCL with hammers, and are openly harassing female students. The mysterious silence of the Prime Minister about the terrorism of BCL seems to have to support the actions of the Bangladesh Chhatra League.

He said that state oppression continues to be meted on the leaders and activists of Chhatra Shibir. Activists and leaders were being arrested without any reason. Police arrested hundreds of people from their houses while sleeping and from the wedding ceremony, and staged arms dramas. Common people were arrested from cultural programs like Eid reunion ceremonies. People were being thrown into jail on false accusations, whereas, Chhatra League and the government-sponsored terrorists are committing daily murder, rape, drug abuse, violence and terrorism. These identified criminals are publicly walking around. Though they walk openly with arms in front of the police, they are seldom arrested.

He said that fascist rule can not continue in this country acquired by blood and sacrifice. This evil process of keeping people hostage through authoritarianism should be stopped immediately. In the present context, on behalf of the executive council, we have to demand the government to ensure the fundamental rights of the people and to restore democratic rights. The oppression of Shibir must stop. Former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia, national leaders and student leaders, who are victims of political vigilance, must be released. Reasonable reform of the discriminatory quota system must be ensured. Release of arrested quota activists, safe campus, adequate budget allocation for education, construction of halls and solving the overall problems of the educational system must be ensured for the proper environment of education. Unemployment of the country must be solved by creating adequate employment. Employment at all cadre and non-cadre jobs, including BCS, should be regulated by avoiding political quota and ensuring employment based on merit and qualifications instead.