Saturday, 14 July 2018

Talented people are the resources of the country - Shibir Secretary-General

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that the inexhaustible talented students have created a brilliant example of accomplishing the impossible. They have worked hard to overcome the obstacles and brighten the face of the country's society and their families. They are not vessels to be neglected but are the precious assets of this country.

He said this as the chief guest at a reception for the meritorious students of GPA-5. In spite of various obstacles, an 'Invincible meritorious reception' was held for those who received the GPA-5 in SSC and Dakhil at Rajshahi and Khulna divisions in an auditorium in Natore. Central School secretary Rajibul Hasan Palash conducted the program, where Central Publicity Secretary Khaled Mahmud spoke as special guest, along with participation of College Secretary Touhidul Islam, Rajshahi University President Labib Abdullah, Natore District President Mir Sajidur Rahman and various other responsible people.

The Shibir Secretary General said that although we are lagging in many ways, we are ahead in meritorious human resources. The meritorious students of this country have repeatedly proved this by getting good results at different levels. But sadly, there has always been a lack of adequate patronage for this talent. As a result, many highly talented people eventually fall down. The government has not come forward with effective measures for state patronage. In this situation, each of us must be aware from own place to ensure that these highly talented people can move forward properly. Only then Bangladesh will move forward.

He said to the highly meritorious students, you have learned to overcome the obstacle. If your current progress continues, Bangladesh will one day become the Golden Bangla. Chhatra Shibir will always be with you. We believe that one day you will change Bangladesh once and for all. There is no scope to be satisfied on the path you have taken. You need to be more attentive in shaping your career with your love for the country.

He also said that due to the error in our education system, it is not possible to say that a good student also has a moral character. We must convey to the students the responsibility that we all have the opportunity to be good people even if we all do not have the opportunity to be first in any test. Students must continue to compete with each other in terms of good character as well as with education.

In the ceremony, cash money and books were provided along with crests in the reception for the talented meritorious recipients of GPA-5. It is mentionable that Shibir organizes reception programs at the center, different branches and different levels for the intelligent talented students, despite all obstacles.