Sunday, 20 May 2018

Activity of evil forces need to be tackled by the ideals

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that anti-Islamic evil forces have become alarmed at the continuous advancements of Shibir. There are continuous conspiracies in the country and abroad against Chhatra Shibir, after killings, torture and propaganda could not stop Shibir from going forward. In this situation, all the designs of the evil powers will be faced with ideals.

He said this as the chief guest at member education camp of Chhatra Shibir Dhaka District West and Munshiganj. Dhaka District South President Aminul Islam and Munshiganj President Abdul Gafur jointly presided over the event where Former Central President Dr Fakhruddin Manik spoke as chief guest; central education secretary Rashedul Islam and other special guests were present. Different leaders including Dhaka Metropolitan East City President Sohel Rana Mithu were present.

Shibir president said, those who could not keep the Prophet's ideology, could not even accept the ideology. Rather, anti-Islamic forces are engaged in conspiracies against those who are working to implement the ideals of the Prophet through oppression, torture and propaganda. Since its inception, Chhatra Shibir has continued to work with constructive programs besides working to save Islam and the country. As a result, the love and participation of students and the people is increasing in the path of Shibir. And in the end, the evil anti-Islamic power has made the Islamic movement their main opponent. They have established worst examples of oppression torture one after the other. Therefore, the leaders of Shibir will have to work with courage and intelligence to face any situation.

He further said, every activity of Shibir is linked with the success in the Hereafter. Because the goal of every believer in the world is to achieve Allah's pleasure by his deeds. It is the reality that many challenges will come our way in this Path. But those who work for the success of the afterlife, they do not feel confused due to temporary distress. Rather,they try to pass the test with the strength of faith. Therefore, every leader of Shibir must have the faith and belief of the Companions.