Thursday, 10 May 2018

Besides development of merit, ethics should be developed as well - the Secretary

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said Bangladesh is a potential country in the map of the world. This country has huge natural resources and potential human resources. But because of the absence of honest, capable and effective leadership, they can not be transformed into real assets. The expectations of the people are not being fulfilled. Therefore, to fulfill the expectations of the people, both merit and morale need to be developed.

He said this while addressing the candidates of GPA-5 in SSC, Dakhil and equivalent examinations in a reception ceremony conducted by Dhaka Metropolitan South Chhatra Shibir in the capital. Under the chairmanship of city president Shafiul Alam and conducted by secretary Kazi Masum Sarker, central education secretary Rashedul Islam and various city leaders spoke on the occasion as the special guests.

The Secretary General of Shibir said that it is possible to create a just society by creating men of honesty and morality. To reach this goal, the meritorious will have to come forward. In our education system people are educated but do not get moral education. Even after being honest, for example, a citizen cannot do much for the nation if he is not qualified, and vice versa. Rather, the dishonest citizens are a curse for the nation, the proof for which is clear every day. Those who have repeatedly being a shame by great corruption and misdeeds, are all meritorious. Despite the great potential and huge natural and human resources, the people are deprived of its benefits due to these morally deficient intellectuals. In this situation, the meritorious will have to come forward. Today's meritorious must have strong conviction to take the country forward to prosperity.

To the successful students, he said that, you have to maintain the continuity of the successes you have achieved in the initial phase of your life, and that there must be success in all areas of life. The success of this life and the afterlife will also be ensured by following the pathway set by Allah. Chhatra Shibir is moving ahead with the mission to build the talented as good, capable and patriotic citizens. In order to develop the meritorious people on the basis of Islamic values, Chhatra Shibir's efforts will continue. Insha Allah we hope that today's meritorious students will play a key role in establishing a corruption-free country by joining on this path of Shibir.