Thursday, 12 April 2018

Protest against police and Chhatra League attacks upon peaceful protesting students

Chhatra Shibir's statement condemning joint attack by the police and Chhatra League on the peaceful protesters demanding reform of the quota system

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has issued a statement protesting the joint attacks by police and Chhatra League against the students and activists demanding reform of the quota system.

In a joint protest statement, Shibir Central President Yasin Arafat and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that everyone recognizes education as a tool for progress and prosperity of a nation. At the same time the discrimination process with millions of students continues. At present, the students, including those in the capital, are peacefully demanding reform of discriminatory quota system. Even earlier, the students had expressed their desperate condition by hanging certificates in their necks and taking brushes in their hands. But the government did not listen to their claims in any way. On the other hand, due to attacks on activists by police, many students were injured and bloodied. On the other hand, the Chhatra League did not stand beside the protesters and the BCL president and secretary led BCL activists on a series of arbitrary attacks upon the general students. Even female students could not escape from these attacks. Through the arbitrary attack of BCL terrorists, their real character has been exposed in front of the nation. Even earlier, the protesters were victims of brutal attacks by police and BCL students. Such barbaric behavior for a logical demand cannot be accepted in any manner.

The leaders, supporting the movement of the general students, said that every demand of students in the anti-quota movement was logical. 56 percent of the students are being recruited only in the quota system which is not found in any country in the world. Thousands of vacancies remain vacant despite the availability of eligible candidates. The talented students are being underestimated by the special method of quota. On the other hand, the age of employment has been extended two years for the quota holders. This illogical and discriminatory immoral process is depriving millions of meritorious people from the opportunity to build the country, and is rather making merit worthless. After independence, discriminatory quotas are being used to deny the meritorious. Contrary to the constitutional commitment for equal job opportunities, contrary arrangements have been going on for ages. In the country where millions of educated young people are living a poor life due to lack of jobs, it is nothing but a joke that thousands of vacancies remain vacant due to the quota system. Police and Chhatra League members attacking the protesting students should immediately face an exemplary trial. The demands of the students will have to be met and they should be returned to the class. Otherwise, if the process of depriving millions of students continues, the government will have to bear its responsibility if education environment continues to get disrupted.