Sunday, 18 March 2018

Strong condemnation and protest at arrest of 40 Shibir activists from Noakhali alongside arms haul drama

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir strongly condemned and protested against the arrest of 40 activists from Maijdi, Noakhali alongside a police arms haul drama.

Chhatra Shibir central president Yasin Arafat and secretary general Mobarak Hossain, in a joint statement, said that the government, having failed to ideologically deal with Shibir, has resorted to using state power to carry out oppression and conspiracy. Yesterday, 40 activists were arrested unjustly from Maijdi, Noakhali from a Career Guideline Program without any reason. After the arrest, the police staged drama allegedly retrieved petrol bombs, kirich and jihadist books in front of the unarmed Shibir activists, which is fully arranged and pre-meditated. It was a Career guideline program and the police did not find anything from there. Yet, to destroy the image of Chhatra Shibir and to destroy the future of the meritorious students, the police staged a weapon discovery drama. Though the police are directly involved with the ‘finding’ of these weapons, there is no connection whatsoever between Shibir activists and these weapons. This irresponsible staged behaviour of police is unacceptable to the innocent meritorious students. The people of the country think that the innocent students are part of the conspiracy by the police in an extremely unjust manner. We strongly condemn and protest this incident.

The leaders said that many times before, the police have arrested innocent Shibir activists and staged arms recovery and jihadi books recovery, which have been proven to be false in the wake of time, and the police have earned the mistrust of the people for lying. But the police till now have not being able to get out of this habit of staged encounters. Thousands of student lives today are in danger in the face of threats of this inhumane irresponsibility of police, which cannot be accepted in any way. We want to make it clear that Shibir believes in idealistic organization and peaceful path. There is no relation whatsoever between Shibir and these incidents. Rather, with the help of police, the govt. has repeatedly rendered such a horrific drama to hide its endless failures. The education lives of many meritorious students are in ruins today due to such actions of the police. We demand an immediate closure of these illegal activities.

The leaders urged the administration to abstain from such illegal arrests and arranged incidents in future and release the arrested Shibir activists.