Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Muslim world must unite to stop genocide of civilians including women and children in Syria

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir, said that Muslims are being killed through brutal killings of innocent women and children by arson attacks in Syria. And shamefully, the world is playing a silent spectator. In this situation, the Muslim world should not be silent. Immediately the Muslim world should be united in stopping genocide, including that of women and children in Syria.

He said this as the chief guest at the Narsingdi district and city member camp in an auditorium at Narsingdi district. It was presided over by city president Jamal Uddin and district president Hafiz Munir Hossain. Central education secretary Rashedul Islam, ex central student welfare secretary Moniruzzaman Shamim, and former college secretary Maruful Islam, spoke as special guests in the education camp. Local leaders including city secretary Abdullah Al Mamun, district secretary Monwar Hossain were also present in the gathering.

The Shibir president said the Syrian civil war has created history of another genocide and humanitarian disaster in the Middle East. Syrian Muslims are being victims of the massacre by the dictatorship and imperialist power. Nearly half of the people have been displaced and many have gone abroad as refugees. Since the 2013 civil war in Syria, it has now become more serious than ever. Most of the victims of the massacre are women and children. Nearly 4.5 million civilians have been detained in the district of Eastern Ghouta near the capital Damascus, by the autocratic Asad army and its allies. Due to the absence of food and medicines for a long time, there has been a disaster and people are suffering from severe malnourishment. In the meantime, on February 19, Syrian troops with the help of the Russian military aircraft, carried out a brutal assault in Ghouta. Within a few days, nearly 500+ civilians were killed in the attack. Among them, there are more than two hundred children. Even the poisonous chlorine gas has been used on civilians, which has affected many women and children. But the world has not yet taken any effective measures to stop the barbarism in Syria. In September last year, the body of a three-year-old Syrian child named Aylan Kurdi, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, brought emotion and sympathy among the people around the world, but today not even that can be seen in folllow up of this attack, which is a very shameful subject for humanity. We strongly condemn this genocide.

He said the barbaric aggression in Syria is the biggest threat to world civilization. The continuous silence in face of the actions of the dictatorship and its allies in Syria is akin to direct support for their barbarism. The world's peace loving humanitarian people are unable to bear watching the torn bodies of Syrian children. To stop this barbarity immediately, the people of the world, especially the Muslim leaders, have to come forward. Effective initiatives should be taken to establish permanent peace in Syria. Effective decisions and strategies must be set to protect oppressed Muslims who are persecuted at all corners of the world. Failing to do thus, history will not forgive anyone.

The Shibir President urged the United Nations, OIC, Arab League, human rights organization and the world to take effective steps to protect the Syrian people immediately from the barbarism of the oppressive dictator and the imperialist forces. At the same time, on behalf of the people of Bangladesh, including the students of the nation, he called on the government to play a strong role to stop genocide in Syria.

He urged the people to pray for all Muslims all over the world, including Syria and pray for help from Allah the Almighty