Sunday, 25 February 2018

Oppressors should be uprooted through from inspiration of the Language Day spirit: Shibir Secretary General

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said, the spirit of the achievement of language movement of 1952 is a source of inspiration for the younger generation. This victory has increased the dignity of this country in the world stage. But the imperialist conspiracy against the country in destroying that legacy has not stopped still. So today the people of the country must be inspired by the legacy of the language day.

He said this while addressing a discussion meeting as chief guest on the occasion of International Mother Language Day organized by the Dhaka Metropolitan East Branch of Chhatra Shibir. Metropolitan President SM Mithu presided over the function and Secretary Tofazzal Hossain conducted it. Among others, the central education secretary Rashedul Islam and various leaders of the city were present.

He said that the language movement is a glorious chapter in the history of Bangladesh. The way of the liberation war was shown by the great Language movement of ‘52. The heroes of the nation have achieved victory in the language movement and thr independence war with blood. The success of the Language Movement is not only a success for Bangladesh but also a great achievement for the world. As a result, the victory of language movement is recognized internationally today. But the conspiracy does not stop by trying to defeat that victory. There is a huge conspiracy to divide the nation. Attempts are being made to kill constitutionalism and to create one-party BAKSAL. People have been victims of mass killing, murder, disappearance, assault, suicides, torture all over the country. Even Professor Ghulam Azam, a first line language soldier, had to suffer from injustice and persecution. The best children of the nation were killed by injustice.

He said that while on that day the power of the occupier had been defeated, the imperial power was not sitting idle. Conspiracies to consume this country continues with the help of agents from this very nation. For the sake of political interests, the country's independence-sovereignty has been threatened by greed for power. But the Islam loving students have not left the anti-country and anti-Islam forces without a challenge. The protest movement continues from each others positions. In the future, the student community will have to come forward in the spirit of the Language Day to resist the anti-country and anti-Islam conspiracies.

After the meeting, munajat was conducted for the language soldier Professor Golam Azam, and for all those who gave their lives for the Bengali language.