Sunday, 25 February 2018

Statement against attack by BCL at Chittagong University and demand for the arrest of terrorists

Bangladesh Chhatra Shibir has issued a statement demanding the arrest of Chhatra League activists, in light of Chhatra League's attack on Chittagong University due to their internal clashes, in protest of their vandalism and demand for the arrest of attackers.

In a joint protest statement, Chhatra Shibir Central president Yasin Arafat and secretary general Mobarak Hossain said, Chhatra League activists again carried out vandalism at Chittagong university due to unethical support of the government, police and administration. Yesterday night, they fought against themselves. Police recovered the firearms including the Kata Rifle after carrying put inspections at a BCL controlled student hall. Today they again organized and carried out vandalism on the campus. At the time, the vehicle of the proctor of the university was vandalised, alongside 13 vehicles, including that of Shomoy News television car. Two boggies of the shuttle train were damaged. In front of 3 proctors of the university, they vandalized the Dean room of the Arts Faculty. After being disturbed and affected by the attack, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts told reporters that in the last 23 years, he did not see such destruction in the campus. Police are not taking effective measures against them although the terrorists are still on the public campus. Since the current government came to power, more than 100 clashes took place in Chittagong university. Repeatedly, internal clashes of the Chhatra League, and their attacks on the opposition student leaders and ordinary students have led to the shedding of blood. Many times, the campus has been closed and the education program has been interrupted. Even today, there is the conspiracy to disrupt the education activities on the campus by holding the ordinary students hostage in the name of the alleged closure. Earlier, BCL vandalised and burnt MC college hostel and publicly celebrated that. Chhatra League terrorists have beaten students and killed and dishonored teachers on various universities including Dhaka University. The campuses then turned into mini cantonments of illegal weapons. But no one has been given any exemplary punishment till date. This continued illegal support by the authorities to the BCL people is actually encouraging them repeatedly.

The leaders said that not only the CU, but BCL's terrorist activities are also damaging the educational environment of all educational institutions of the country. The teachers are being humiliated. If teachers keep on being humiliated in such a frequent manner and the campus environment damaged so repeatedly, this cannot be accepted on the campus. We demand immediate investigation of BCL cadres identified as the attackers. At the same time, we are demanding to take effective measures to ensure that students continue their studies in a peaceful manner.

The leaders urged the administration to immediately bring the attackers under trial and arrange for the settlement of the deadlock in the university.