Sunday, 25 February 2018

We have to make ourselves qualified to establish the Deen

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the liberation of the world and the Hereafter is not possible without the establishment of the Deen in the state and society. And the new generation will have to play the leading role in establishing the religion. Therefore, to establish religion in the jahili society, we must first set ourselves up to be worthy.

He said this as the chief guest at an associate TC program organised by Feni City Branch in an auditorium at Feni today. Presided over by the president of the branch Gias Uddin and conducted by secretary Salahuddin Kiran, the former central president Dr Fakhruddin Manik, Central Publicity Secretary Khaled Mahmud, Media Secretary Monirul Islam, former Amir of Feni district Professor Liaquat Ali Bhuiyan, Feni district president Kafil Uddin and different level leaders were present at the program.

The Shibir president said, the rule of Allah is good for all people regardless of religion. But without the establishment of the Deen, the true peace of the world and the liberation of the Hereafter cannot be realised, the best example of which is Bangladesh. All the resources needed to build a prosperous Bangladesh are all in the country. But after many years of independence, prosperity has not been achieved yet. Because the state has always been governed by human rights. And the people of this country are being victimized due to the mismanagement of state society in this human doctrine. The country has been disrupted due to political vendetta, economic discrimination, social degradation, the effects of superstition and morality. Frustration and fear are being felt by the people with regards to their future. This terrible situation can change only through the establishment of the Deen. And Shibir has to play a leading role in the establishment of the Deen.

He said youth are the main strength of a country and society. The strong conviction of the youth society can change the image of a country. If the source of the path of their advance is the Quran, then it is possible not only for the country or the society, but also to establish peace in the world. Our vision is also the same. We have to build ourselves as examples for the establishment of religion, be virtuous, firmly determined, courageous, honest, capable, and knowledgeable. We must increase the practice of the Quran and Hadeeth and cultivate the good deeds. Regardless of the situation, the dawah work should be continued. We must include ourselves in the road of human development. Above all, we have to follow the practice and training of the activities of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the cause of establishment of the religion.