Sunday, 25 February 2018

We have to raise ourselves to the highest standards of morality

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that moral degradation has caused epidemic in the state and society. Because of the moral degeneration, the nation has been exposed to one bizarre picture after one another. To change the people of society from the grip of this evil phenomenon, the members of Shibir will have to raise themselves to the highest standards of morality.

He said this while speaking as the chief guest at a Member TC organised by Chittagong Metropolitan Northern Branch in an auditorium at Chittagong. Presided over by City President Ahmed Sadman Saleh, and conducted by ASM Raihan, the TC was organized in the presence of the central literary secretary Salahuddin Ayubi, former central college secretary Mohammed Mohiuddin and various leaders of the city.

The Shibir president said, immorality is spread across the present society. Starting from the highest position in the state, people at different levels are engaged in immoral activities. As a result, it can be said that the principle of morality in society is not practiced today. The whole nation is now headed towards moral depravity. Moral degradation is threatening the social and family related security of the people. The nation is witnessing such phenomena one after another. Peaceful people have been shocked by Chhatra League activists, the killing of six women by Shariatpur student Chattra League leader Arif, the hacking of college going khadija by BCL leader Badrul, etc. Kids from 3 years to women of 92 years old have been victims of rape in this country. Rape has now taken the form of epidemic. On the other hand, children are killing their own mother and mothers are brutally killing their own children. Fathers are being brutally killed by their children. Schoolgoing students are involved in various immoral activities. Fathers are procuring leaked question papers for their child, helping them to cheat and copy. Students are blockading the teachers with their demands for counterfeiting. The next generation of young people are being subject to drunkenness and immorality from an early age. At the age when there should have been a Quran in their hands, the youth of the society are gradually becoming unstable and destabilized by their moral decadence. In this time, immorality has become a terrible form of reality in the society, a situation which is of a lot of concern for the guardians and peace loving people.

He said to the leaders and activists, that as an activist of Islamic movement we all have to be uncompromising in regards to morals. Like the standards of Sahaba, we have to present ourselves to the people of the society. At any cost, the tide of immorality has to be contested and fought. Contrary to immorality, we need to make our work even more dynamic. Every student will have to make the best efforts to develop themselves in the light of the Quran. The student community must be aware of the damage to their careers due to the question paper leaks. They need to inspire their talents by not setting their feet into unfair immoral ways. The practice of Quran should increase further among themselves. Our moral power should remove the ill-effects of todays world. Chhatra Shibir firmly believes that it is not possible to stop social degradation without moral education and Shibir has been working with that goal in mind.