Monday, 19 February 2018

Question paper leaks part of deep conspiracy to destroy education system

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, has said that the government has started a suicide game to destroy the nation. They are implementing the master plan of destroying the next generation in totality by destroying the education system and the country. The issue of Question paper leaks are part of a deep conspiracy to destroy the education system

He said this as the chief guest in a college representatives program held at an auditorium in the capital city of Dhaka in the morning. Central Dawah secretary Shah Mahfuzul Haque, Education Secretary Rashedul Islam, along with other Central and Metropolitan leaders were present in the gathering conducted by Central College Secretary Towhidul Islam.

The Shibir president said, question paper leak has become a regular occurrence. The questions are being leaked on every subject in the ongoing SSC examinations. Before this, there were question paper leaks starting from the first class to all examinations. And the education minister has always worked to destroy this nation, which he has tried to conceal through many tricks. As a result, there is recurrence of the incident in the ongoing SSC examination again and again. The question of the involvement of BCL and government authorities in the leak of the question has clearly surfaced several times. The people of the country believe that the government is not unaware of the question-leakers and strict and effective measures will not be taken against them due to their membership in the ruling party. Rather, the government wants to avoid liability by announcing a reward of five lakh taka if it is given information about offenders or information of the source of leakage. As a whole, it is now clear that, as a part of the deep conspiracy, a vested interest group wants to cripple the nation, and one of the tools of the conspiracy is question paper leaks. Not just the question paper leaks though, as the unethical practice of giving more numbers under the government's direction, the spread of terrorism and planned unrest in the campus, has sent the education system spiralling down towards destruction, which is unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh. The nation has become very frustrated with the government's attitude of avoiding these serious issues and the mysterious behavior of the Education Minister. The government's suicidal acts have left the educational system in deep crisis. The meritorious students are getting discouraged. The people of the country think that the education minister has no moral right to be in the education ministry. If he has the least level of self-esteem, then he should resign immediately due to his failure to prevent leaks in this ongoing question paper scandal.

The Shibir president further said, this scandal has created an opportunity for a moral-less generation to grow. This disease is affecting both the guardian and the student. On the other hand, de-evaluation of merit is leading to rise of merot-less studentship. There is uncertainty among people as regards to education. But the government remains steady in its mysterious role. There is no doubt that there is a conspiracy afoot to destroy the next generation. We are demanding an immediate closure to this destructive game. All those who have already been arrested should be subject to justice irrrespective the party consideration and should face exemplary punishment. Effective measures should be taken to prevent question-leaks. The Education Minister should resign in light of his failure in this regard. Otherwise, the consequences of this ill-treatment of the nation's future will not be good. The nation will not accept this process of destroying the beautiful future of their children.