Saturday, 20 January 2018

The victory of Islam must be ensured by overcoming the conspiracies of the evil forces

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir, said that the conspiracy against Islamic movement continued unabated in a country of 90 percent Muslim majority. The young generation are being diverted away from Islam through oppression, torture and propaganda. The leaders and activists of Shibir should ensure the victory of Islam through overcoming the forces of evil.

He said this while speaking as the chief guest at a unit representatives meeting of Sylhet division of Chhatra Shibir in an auditorium at Sylhet city. The meeting was conducted by Central Dawah Secretary Shah Mahfuzul Haque, and attended by Ex Central President and Sylhet Metropolitan Jamaat Ameer Advocate Ehsanul Mahbub Jubair, former MP of Sylhet-5 constituency, Maulana Farid Uddin Chowdhury, Central Finance Secretary Hasanul Banna, Central Education Secretary Rashedul Islam, HRD Secretary Jamshed Alam, Library and Foundation Secretary Abdullah Al-Mahmood, Madrassah secretary Imran khalid and other leaders of various fields.

Shibir president said, the conflict between truth and falsehood is eternal. Over the ages, the soldiers of God have tried their best to establish the truth. On the other hand, the powers of evil have tried to suppress the truth. Throughout the ages, the apostles of God were not spared from the conspiracy of the evil forces. At different times, the nature and types of conspiracies were different. Currently, there are all kinds of conspiracies against the Islamic movement. Bangladesh is no exception. The means of the conspiracy against Shibir is through the oppression, torture and propaganda. The purpose of all evil power is the same: it is to keep the students away from the Islamic movement. But those who have taken the path of true religion as the goal of life do not care about conspiracies and propaganda. The truth has manifested itself and falsehood has receded; this is the declaration of Allah the Almighty. This has been reflected through the ages. History is witness that the forces of evil have failed. Therefore, there will be the victory of Islam against all obstacles.

Shibir president said, the country and the nation are now looking upon Shibir. We have learned to walk this way knowing that there will be a lot of obstacles and conspiracy in the struggle for establishment of religion. So, to fulfill this expectation, we have to work for human welfare. We have to increase constructive activities. Young people must be motivated to work for the welfare of the people of the country. We must answer every attempt by the forces of evil with patience. In this case, we must maintain our personality with merit, talent and character. We know that these tasks are not easy, and that there are dangers on the path. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the leaders to maintain constructive activities for the welfare of the nation, displaying the utmost patience and courage. We firmly believe that in the face of truth, evil and disbelief is bound to fail miserably.