Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Dawah of Islam should be given to every student with patience and courage

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that in order to stop the advance of Islam, the evil forces are conspiring against it through oppression, torture and propaganda. The activists of Chhatra Shibir must face all obstacles with the firmness of faith and character. In the coming days, the Dawah of Islam should be given to every student with patience and courage.

He said this while addressing a leadership representatives meeting organized by Chittagong Chhatra Shibir in an auditorium at Chittagong. The meeting was supervised by Central Literary Secretary Salahuddin Ayyub, and others present included former central president Abdul Jabbar, Central Law Secretary Riaz Uddin, Central Media Secretary Monirul Islam, Central Student Welfare Secretary Mujahidul Islam, Central Social Services Secretary

Abdul Jalil Akanda and other leaders of the city and district leaders.

Shibir President said, the Prophet came to the world and overthrew the ignorant society of the days of Jahiliyyat, spread Islam's message and established Islamic society. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to continue the work left by the Prophet. But in a country of 90 percent Muslim population, numerous efforts are being made to destroy Islam by the state. Because of this, a large portion of the youth of the country is engaging in horrific crimes like drug abuse, kidnapping, murder, rape, indecency, eve teasing and violence against women. The young people need to have a better environment to grow up beautifully. In today's social system, the environment is not suitable for the young generation. To destroy the future generations of the country, the education system has been sabotaged through question paper leaks, attacks on ordinary students, torture, extortion, resulting in the death of millions of possibilities. Due to the absence of religious instruction, the moral decay of the young people has become even worse. Young people are getting involved with the most horrific events happening in society, which is making the nation disappointed.

He said that there is a history of oppression and conspiracy against the Islamic movement. We will have to move forward through tackling all the conspiracies of the evil forces to prove that the advance of Islam cannot be stopped by killing and torturing. Therefore, in all circumstances, the young generation will have to demonstrate the noble ideology of Islam. In this case, the level of good character will be a very important factor in spreading dawah. We need to make our personal life more beautiful, and hone our intellect and effectiveness. We have to survive in the field of dawah with our utmost expressions of faith. Continuous dawah work should be maintained at all cost.