Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The country is heading towards a failing state due to the misrule of the government

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the nation is deeply worried at the mismanagement and destructive activities of the illegal government. People are living their lives in deep uncertainty. The country is heading towards a failing state due to the misrule of the government.

He said these words at his welcome speech at the concluding session of the Central Executive Council of Chhatra Shibir at Shaheed Abdul Malek Auditorium in the city today. The function was supervised by Secretary General Mobarak Hossain, among others, and attended by former central president and Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dhaka Metropolitan North Selim Uddin, former Shibir Central President Atiqur Rahman and members of the Central Executive Council.

The Shibir President said, the year 2017 was another year of misrule and misdeeds of the Awami government. The relentless mismanagement of the government has made the life of the people of all professions miserable. The government-sponsored syndicate has created an unprecedented rise in prices of essential commodities like rice, onion and others, leaving people directionless. The state's repression on opposition, murders by Awami terrorists and the disappearances by law enforcement agencies, torture, gang-rape and harassment have become very common. Although the judiciary is allegedly independent, the government shamelessly intervenes from lower courts to higher level. Law enforcement forces are being used regularly to counter opposition. Negating the constructive activities of Shibir, they are violently trying to wipe out the leaders and workers of Chhatra Shibir. On the other hand, Chhatra League terrorists have been shamelessly killing their own and those of other student organisations, and were involved in other incidents like the incident of Badrul hacking a schoolgirl, the new bride raped in front of her bound husband, six women sexually blackmailed and their videos released online, rape of young woman after abduction, and child rape. The government, administration and police have given the BCL a free license for these evil acts; its as if they have given BCL the license to molest young women to and carry out killings. As a result, they have unleashed an epidemic of rape, eve-teasing, murder and terrorism in the country.

Shibir president said, today millions of students are passing a horrific time indeed. The Chhatra League and the government are crippling the future generations of the people, starting from the second class, by relentless and shameless question paper leaks and digital fraud. The whole nation is worried about the government's mysterious failure to stop the ongoing question leaks and subsequent annihilation of this nation. In conjunction to the questionnaire leaks, even though the involvement of the government-sponsored student organization Chhatra League and the government officials is clear, they are free from scrutiny, and as a result, the country's education system is being brought to ruin. Chhatra League has continued the conspiracy to destroy the environment of education through the spread of narcotics, uncontrolled tender-grabbing, armed violence, domination, internal conflicts, hijacking and other terrorist activities on every campus. They are establishing dictatorship by chasing away opposition leadership and students from halls and the campus. By rejecting religious values ​​and moral teachings and formulating a non-religious education policy in the Western way, the second largest Muslim country in the world is being destroyed through influencing the young generation of Bangladesh to the anti-Islamic way.

The Shibir president said the country's political divide and deep fears and uncertainty continue as we go into the coming year. In this situation, the expectation of the people is for the government to play a role in the welfare of the people, leaving aside the politics of divide and vengeance in the country. We need to come out

of political misconduct, fascist character, servile foreign policy, vengeance and undemocratic practices, and work for this beloved country of ours, rich in wealth and mineral resources, will have to move towards prosperity and development. Effective measures should be taken to develop education policy in the light of Islamic teachings. No anti-national activities are expected in any way. Rather, everyone will have to come forward with confidence in building a prosperous country. Chhatra Shibir has continued to build a prosperous country this year, like every year. Through constructive work, this organization has become the favorite student organization of the student community. All of our programs have been successful. In the days ahead, Shibir will continue this work inshallah.