Saturday, 23 December 2017

The meritorious students will have to come forward to build a prosperous Bangladesh

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir, said that Bangladesh is one of the world's upcoming nations. But due to the lack of honest, skilled and capable people in managing the country. Because of which the country could not reach the desired goal after so many years of victory. So the talented people of the country will have to come forward to build a prosperous Bangladesh.

He said this as the chief guest at the distribution of educational material among meritorious students as part of a month-long program on the occasion of the great Victory Day organized by Comilla District South at a local auditorium of Nangalkot. Presided over by the president of the branch, Shahadat Hossain, and under the chairmanship of Secretary Jobair Hossain, the program was also attended by Nangolkot thana, Jamaat's Amir SM Mohiuddin, Sadar Thana Shibir President Sirajum Manir, South President Ibrahim Hasan, Nangalkot North Shibir President Belayet Hossain and local leaders.

Shibir president said, Bangladesh is an independent country on the map of the world. This country has many natural resources and potential human resources. Despite many possibilities, Bangladeshis are lagging behind the developed countries today. The biggest reason for absence of the realisation of our dream is leadership failure. Those in power are playing the predatory role and looting the country's wealth. Due to absence of morality among these mercenaries, the shadows of corruption are reflected in each of the affairs of the country. By liberating the country from such grasp of corruption, the virtuous meritorious will advance forward.

Shibir President said, Chhatra Shibir has been working relentlessly to build a honest, efficient, corruption-free Bangladesh by giving proper guidance to the meritorious intellectuals. Today, against the merciless terrorism of government influenced student politics, Chhatrashibir has become the favorite address of the terror hating meritorious students of this country. So, apart from Chhatrashibir, it is not possible to create a welfare state free from drugs, terrorism and corruption. To help the talented students to come forward to stand up to the oppression we must make right use the potential of the country.