Saturday, 23 December 2017

We must continue on the path of truth - Shibir Secretary-General

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that Shibir has been working on the basis of building a prosperous Bangladesh based on Islamic values. But this path is not free of challenges. Speaking of Islam, the conditions of the oppressed and the oppression must be acknowledged. This is the way of the Messenger and His Sunnah. Therefore, we must continue to walk the path of truth alongside facing all the obstacles.

He said this while addressing the annual review meeting of the Dhaka Zone North in the auditorium of the capital. Central HRD Secretary Jamshedul Alam was also present on the occasion; President of Dhaka Metropolitan North Jamil Mahmud, President of Dhaka Metropolitan West Dr Mujahidul Islam, Gazipur Metropolitan President Abdul Jalil Akand and various leaders of the city were also present.

The Secretary General said that obstacles in the way of Islamic movement are historical realities. Chhatrashibir is facing this reality. This caravan has been bouyed by the blood of hundreds of martyrs. Many leaders and workers have been wounded and have become disabled. Many leaders and activists have lost their lives. Leaders of all statures are being victimized through inhuman torture. The followers of the baatil/evil forces continue to try to eradicate the Islamic movement from the land of Bengal by killing, torturing, oppressing its adherents. But their dreams have not been fulfilled, but they backfired instead. By giving the highest sacrifice in the way of the true path, the Islamic movement has remained firm on its foundations. Therefore, every person of this caravan should represent himself as a da’yi, and should be presented as a real example of the mesaage he wants to give. It is the need of the hour to form leadership and the human resources to move towards the required destination in a firm footpath by pursuing all challenges through acquiring knowledge and qualifications.

He said Muslims are persecuted in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. According to the cycle of history, the continuation of the past will lead to the fall of the oppressors. A beautiful society can be found by the oppressed established on the pillars of justice and insaf. This requires patience, humility and courage to deal with the situation. Instead of worldly means, efforts should be made in systematic ways to rely on God, depending on the situation. Preparations to deal with the forces of evil need to be carried out on the ground. We have to prove that the torture and killing did not make us afraid, but that the blood of martyrdom has sparked the speed of our progression. The cries of hundreds of mothers have helped us to be committed to that path. Thousands of conspiracies strengthened us in the path of our noble ideology. No power in rhis world has the power to wipe us out. So, in the coming days, organizational work should be prepared accordingly to deal with any situation which may arise.