Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Muslim world must be united to protect Jerusalem

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir, said that the Quds is the first qiblah of the Muslims. Imperialist America has taken the final step to hand over the holy land of Muslims to the illegal Zionist Israeli entity. A reflection of this is that US President Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In this situation no Muslim should remain silent. Therefore, the Muslim Ummah must be united to protect Jerusalem.

He said this while addressing the meeting of the Dhaka Metropolitan East Branch in an auditorium in Dhaka today. The meeting was presided over by the branch President S. R. Mithu and branch secretary Tofazzal Hossain conducted the program. The branch Finance Secretary Syed Md. Zubayer, branch office secretary Hafizur Rahman and other leaders of the branch were also present.

The Shibir president said that there is no historical, religious and cultural relation of Jews with the Islamic settlements in Jerusalem, including Al-Aqsa Mosque. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) went to the holy Mi’raj, he offered prayers at the mosque. He was the Imam of all Prophets and prophets who participated in prayer behind him. That is the truth and religiously and historically established. Despite that however, Israel's authority has been imposed on the settlements in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque, and it is been strengthened day by day, To expel the Palestinians from Jerusalem, the Jewish government is attacking them and destroying their agricultural lands and building new new Jewish settlements there. In this way, East Jerusalem was fully colonised by the Jews and taking control over the mosque has been among the prime targets of Israel. Since the US President Donald Trump has come to power, their conspiracies have increased. It is on his directions that Zionists continue their destructive acts and conspiracies in the Palestinian territories, including the Baitul Mawdis, and has risen to dangerous levels. Racist Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to deprive all non-Jews, including Palestinian Muslims, of all rights, including religious rights, in cooperation with Trump, the real proof of which is that Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The US President’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israel is a grave violation of intl. norms and demonstrates the obstinacy and carelessness of Trump. Through this, the idea of ​​the independent Palestinian state has been denied.

He further said that the Prophet (SAW) led an indivisible polity as the statesman of nearly 9.5 lakh square miles in the region. After the Prophet (PBUH), his successor, Umar (RA) led a similar polity as the statesman of 12 lakh square miles. At present, Muslims from all over the world are divided into groups, and this is among the chief reasons for the decline of the Muslim world.

The failure of the Muslim Ummah to be united and maintain possession of the holy qiblah has given Trump the courage to take such irresponsible decisions today. Presently the Muslim Ummah will have to play an effective role in making the final decision regarding Baitul Maqdis. Muslims must be ready to sacrifice anything to protect their first qiblah. The Muslim world will have to unite to provide resistance to free the Holy Bait al Maqdis from the grasp of the Jews. Every Muslim must stand beside their persecuted brothers in Palestine and come forward to free the Holy Bukat Maqdis from Israeli occupation.

The Shibir president further said that Israel's barbaric aggression in Palestine is the biggest threat to world civilization. Preventing the entry of Muslims in Al Aqsa Mosque, declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and barbarous attacks on Muslims is like a grievous injury to the heart of the Muslim Ummah. If Israel does not veer away from the crimes against Islam and the world humanity, it must pay a tough price. At the same time, I call upon US President Donald Trump to cancel his conspiracy and retract his announcement. More

over, we urge the world bodies, including the United Nations and other international organizations, countries and especially the Muslim world to take a firm stand, to take effective measures against these provocative decisions.