Sunday, 10 December 2017

There is no alternative to the ideology of the Prophet (SAW) for establishing world peace

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Secretary General Mobarak Hossain has said that Allah (SWT) has sent the Prophet (SAW) to the world for the sake of the freedom of world humanity. He was a model and example for everyone regardless of religion, color, caste or profession. There is no alternative to the ideology of the Prophet (SAW) for establishing world peace

He said these words at an auditorium in the capital today as the chief guest at a Siratunnabi celebration program organised by Dhaka City North Shibir branch. Presided over by the president of the branch Jamil Mahmud and conducted by office secretary Talha Zobayer, the program was also attended among others by unit Baitul-maal Secretary Mustafizur Rahman and other leaders of the unit.

The Shibir secretary said that there is no similar example like the Prophet who had worked to establish welfare and peace amongst humanity. He was the symbol of justice for all people and the model for mankind as the best example of all time. Allah (SWT) has said in Surah Al Ahzab-21, “In the Messenger of Allah is for you the best example.” He had done the great duty of establishing the ideals of al-Qur'an with his greatness, tolerance, perseverance, firmness, patience and devotion, and for this, he had to suffer unimaginable oppression. In reality, the Prophet (SAW) had established truth and justice against the darkness and gloom of Jahiliyyah. The example of the Prophet (SAW) is unique and unparalleled in the society, because of his teachings regarding the neglected, oppressed, deprived and miserable people in society, his humanity, teaching respect for one other, tolerance, mercy, and respect for women. That is why he is recognised as the greatest human being of all time. Allah (SWT) said, “O Muhammad, I have sent you as mercy of the worlds” (Surah Anbiya, Ayat -107).

He said, due to deviation from the ideals of the the Messenger of Allah in the world, the Muslim Ummah oppressed today. Human civilization and values have now come to the edge of the abyss. Decay is visible in all classes of the society. Various types of crime trends have become rampant in our society and state. The cries of the deprived and oppressed people are everywhere. But due to a lack of a society of justice we are unable to get out of this horrific condition. Therefore, in order to spread welfare and peace in all aspects of life, there is no alternative to building society and state on the basis of the Prophet’s ideals.

The Shibir secretary said that the responsibility of establishing justice and peace from amongst all the injustices from the world is now the responsibility of the Prophet Muhammad’s successors, i.e. the Muslim Ummah. In today's context, at this critical junction of the Islamic movement, we must move forward with extreme patience, tolerance, devotion, prudence and wisdom. He called upon all to take a tough stand to face any conspiracy against the Islamic movement.