Saturday, 02 December 2017

Destruction of future generations is being carried out through question paper leaks

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the conspiracies in order to destroy the education system which was supposed to be the main principle of advancement of the nation have reached a fearsome level. The evidence of this is in the ongoing question paper leaks in all educational institutions of the country. In fact, the destruction of future generations is being carried out through question paper leaks.

He said this at a member-candidate meeting organized by Chatra Shibir at an auditorium, as a chief guest in a rally of the candidates. Central Literature Secretary Shah Md. Mahfuzul Haque chaired the program, with those present including the central international affairs secretary Mutassim Billah, cultural secretary Mohammad Atiqullah, and other central and branch leaders.

The Shibir president said that before, question papers leaks were rare, but now it has become a regular occurrence. This continued question paper leak is not an isolated incident, but a well-planned conspiracy to destroy the next generation by creating disorder in the education system of the country. In the last few years, there have been several cases of question papers in different public universities, medical colleges, various recruitment examinations, SSC and HSC examinations. Even JSC and PSC examinations are not exempt, as young children are also being affected by question leaks. The involvement of the ruling party's student wing Chhatra League in question paper leaks is well known.

Recently, the BCL's central committee's co-secretary Mohiuddin Rana, secretary of drama and debate affairs of Amar Ekushey Hall Abdullah Al Mamun, Chittagong university’s BCL co-secretary Ishtiaque Ahmed and the other leaders of BCL activists were involved in the question paper leakage in Dhaka university ‘Gha’ unit and others. The admission test papers were recovered from them along with the relevant devices. Later, they were expelled from the university. Besides, the names of many administration officials came up with this group. Despite the presence of obvious proof of the question paper leakage, the Education minister himself continued to deny it. Instead of moving to prosecute the criminals, an investigation committee was formed immediately after the incident. But the committee's report did not see the face of light. After the incident, a case was filed by the university to avoid any liability on its part. In the last eight years, there were hundreds of such cases, but no one has faced any punishment. As a result, the main persons responsible are getting away despite committing such heinous crimes.

He further said that this immoral process of questioning is not just obstructing the creation of suitable citizens, it is destroying the morals and morale of young children as well. If the destruction trend continues, our intellectual resource pool will be destroyed soon. Ultimately the country will be swarmed by the non-meritorious, which will lead to the worst catastrophe for the nation. The country's educationists, civil society, guardians and people today are very concerned about the continuation of the question papers leaks, counterfeit, digital fraud and education system in the country. As a progressive student organization we are also concerned along with the people of the country. The fact is that the future of millions of students will be destroyed by the unethical and inadequate actions of the government, something which is unacceptable. The government will have to take timely action to stop the destructive activities in this nation immediately. The criminals, irrespective of their political identity, should be arrested and be given exemplary punishment. There should be a more stringent law to prevent leaks. Those involved in the question leaks should be investigated and actions taken to find out their patrons. To prevent digital fraud, the examination system needs to be more advanced and tuned to the current age. Religious and moral education must be emphasized in order to prevent all kinds of illegal activities, including leaks and admission trade.

Shibir president said that the nation wants a beautiful future for its children. But the nation cannot put the future of its children in deep uncertainty. Therefore, everyone should be vocal against the government's inability and incompetence to ensure a better future for next generation. Chhatra Shibir was always vocal against any action against education and will remain so in the future, Insha Allah.