Thursday, 12 October 2017

Strong condemnation and protest of the arrest of 6 Shibir activists from Rajshahi

Strong condemnation and protest of the arrest of 6 Shibir activists from Rajshahi and their false involvement in militancy
Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has strongly condemned and protested the arrest of six leaders and activists of Rajshahi Godagari municipality unit of Chhatrashibir, and their false involvement in a case of militancy.

In a joint protest statement, Shibir President Yasin Arafat and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that the government and police are using sensitive issues like militancy as the means of political leverage and gain. Yesterday, six leaders and activists of Godagari municipality branch of Chhatrashibir went on an outing to Dhopaghat in Mohanpur upazila. While returning from there, police arrested them illegally and took them to the police station. During the night, they were subject to rigorous torture at the hands of the police, after which they were sent to the court on the charges of militancy in the morning. Police have taken recourse to realizing political motives in their arrests and linking with charges of militancy. These irresponsible activities of the police are acts of political revenge, and are not at all related with activities of Shibir activists. Police have hatched this conspiracy to mislead the people using the militant issue as part of the government ploy to tarnish the image of Shibir in political manner. Even earlier, in order to implement the government's agenda, some corrupt and party police officials led a campaign to link the Shibir activists to false charges of militancy in the country. But all allegations against Shibir activists have been proved false in the meantime. Nevertheless, the people of the country think that this kind of moral-less activity is a part of the conspiracy against the Islamic movement in Bangladesh.

The leaders said that people are already annoyed and angry with the police for their irresponsible and questionable attitude regarding sensitive issues like militancy. Despite this, the recurrence of such foul incidents will make the people more sceptical of police actions. We immediately urge the police to withdraw the false allegations and demand the release of the arrested Shibir activists. At the same time, we urge the law enforcement agencies to abstain from the hateful activities of making militancy a tool of dirty politics.