Wednesday, 04 October 2017

The progress of the Islamic movement cannot be stopped through arrest and torture

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the workers of the Islamic movement are uncompromising in their mission to save the country and Islam. Shibir activists are always ready to make any sacrifice on the path of the Deen. Therefore, the progress of the Islamic movement cannot be stopped through arrest and torture.

He said this at an auditorium at Rajshahi today as the chief guest at member-candidate training camp organised by Shibir Rajshahi Zone West. Central Publicity Secretary Salahuddin Ayubi presided over the program, and others present included Central College activities Secretary Maruful Islam, Human Rights Secretary Kamrul Hasan, HRD Secretary Jamshed Alam and Rajshahi Metropolitan City Secretary Al Mahmud, among others.

The Shibir president said that the illegal government's oppression against the workers of the Islamic movement was unprecedented. The government wanted to stop this progress through preventing the role of IM activists in spreading the message of Islam, which the Islam-haters want to eliminate in their poisonous toxicity. They, the anti-Islam forces, want to spread fear and frustration among activists of the Islamic movement by arrest of the movement activists, their torture and through false propaganda. There is no example of torture which has not been run upon Jamaat-Shibir activists. The government will not be able to break the morale of the workers of Islamic movement by resorting to such tactics, conspiracies or torture. The increase of oppression will increase the faith and belief of the activists instead. So, without resorting to such failed tactics, the government should step away from employing such dirty methods.

He further said that the social system which we want to establish, must be conveyed to the people of the society, especially the students, to whom we must convey the message of Islam. The government does not have the capacity to face us ideologically. In the face of arrest, torture and ill-intentioned propaganda, the leaders of the Shibir have to be patient and courageously continue their mission for the propagation of Islam. Chhatra Shibir will not bow down to any maleficent methods. All efforts need to be maintained to create honest, skilled and ideal people at any cost. Insha Allah, we will march forward in the face of all adversities in order to build a prosperous country in light of the Qur'an.