Saturday, 02 September 2017

World community needs to take quick measures to stop genocide against Muslims in Myanmar

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that despite a civilized world system, the massacre and oppression against the Muslims in Burma has been going on again and again, which is an extreme violation of human rights. The world community needs to take quick measures to stop genocide against Muslims in Myanmar.

He said this at the monthly Shibir Secretariat meeting held at an auditorium in Dhaka, where he gave the President’s speech. The meeting was presided over by Secretary General Mobarak Hossain, and attended by other members of the Secretariat.

The Shibir president said, the worst genocide in Myanmar history and atrocities against humanity is ongoing. The Myanmar army and local Buddhist terrorists have turned the entire Muslim-majority Rakhine state into a hell. Arbitrary killings of unarmed Muslims are being carried out, among whom most are women and children. Women are being brutally killed after being raped. The Rohingya Muslims are being burned alive to death; their houses, mosques and madrassahs are being burnt down to the ground, followed by indiscriminate looting. Hundreds of thousands of people are becoming homeless. Such barbarity by the state on the citizens of their own country is unprecedented in history. No civilized state can impose such a barbaric precedent. It is shameful for the world that, in the presence of a Nobel Peace Prize winning leadership, such a heinous killing is occurring. On the other hand, the Rohingya Muslims, who have lost everything, are not even being allowed to enter Bangladesh even when they are rushing towards the border for a little shelter. On the one side, the arbitrary shooting of the army of Myanmar, on the other hand, no opportunity to escape, due to which thousands of Rohingya Muslims stand in the face of death. This is indeed a terrible predicament.

He said that Rohingya Muslims were attacked at a time, when only two days previously, the report of Kofi Anan commission recommended measures to be taken for the security of 1.2 million Rohingyas. But the government of Myanmar ignored the recommendations of the Kofi Anan Commission and started genocide again in a planned manner. Previously, the Myanmar Muslims have been massacred and subject to genocide many times. Many the Rohingya Muslims have been displaced and reside outside the country. In the last 50 years, the Myanmar government has deported nearly 12 lakh Muslims from that country. Nearly 4 lakh Rohingya Muslims are living as refugees in Muslim majority Bangladesh.
He said, we would like to call on the world community, keeping silent in the face of massacre, while speaking of civilization and humanity is very inhumane, shameful and an extreme mockery of civilization and human rights. The Myanmar government must immediately take effective measures to stop the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and return to them their citizen rights. Investigations must be carried out to identify the involvement of the soldiers responsible for these acts. The world organizations, including the United Nations, should play an effective role in establishing rights of Rohingya Muslims. At the same time, the OIC, Arab League, Islamic organizations and Muslim Ummah must stand beside the Rohingya Muslims. Failing to take any position regarding the violation of human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims, the Nobel Peace Prize of Aung sung Suu Kyi should be withdrawn. On the other hand, I call upon the Bangladesh government to stand beside these victims of genocide and torture, considering the humanitarian side, and not allow the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar to face death.

After the meeting, there were prayers to the Almighty for the victims of the genocide in Myanmar and for the peace of their souls, and for patience for the victims of torture and injustice.