Saturday, 02 September 2017

Government must take effective steps to bring back education environment in flood affected areas

Yasin Arafat, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that millions of people who had lost everything in the worst floods in recent history, are now directionless. Educational institutions in many flood prone areas of the country have been devastated. So far, the government has not employed effective measures to provide support and education to the people of the flood affected areas. As a result, the government's failure to help the flood victims has created a worrisome situation.

He said this while addressing attendants at a program for distributing money among the children studying in different educational institutions of Dhaka affected by the floods, under the initiative of Shibir, held in an auditorium at the capital. Central leaders were present during the program presided by Shibir Secretary General Mobarak Hossain.

The Shibir president said, the situation in flood affected areas has not improved even after a long period of time. Instead, the situation has become very serious and alarming in flood prone areas due to lack of adequate support. With the lack of relief, the incidence of water-borne diseases has increased. People living in the flooded areas are living miserable lives. Most of the flood-affected areas are mainly agricultural lands. The crops of these affected regions have been damaged by flooding - trees, roads, homesteads and other infrastructure have been destroyed. In some areas, although the floods have receded, the educational institutions are in a devastated situation. The educational materials of the students such as books have been damaged. However, there is no sign of the government's overall support, except a few instances of distributing relief to the people here and there. This inhuman irresponsibility on part of the government can lead to severe humanitarian crisis in flood prone areas. The nation is concerned about this. So, to take immediate measures to prevent the disaster of the floods and to take immediate action to prevent disaster, we call upon everyone including the rich and the wealthy of the society to come forward as soon as possible. At the same time, the education environment should be brought back to the affected areas as soon as possible, and the educational environment should be returned to the students by giving them books and education materials. If necessary, a special program for the students should be announced by the government.

He said that Shibir started the relief operations to assist the flood victims since the beginning of the crisis. In this regard, the central relief committee of Chhatra Shibir has been operating and coordinating relief efforts. Besides, the activists and members at the affected areas are taking part in relief activities, such as repair of buildings and roads, and the medical teams, which are continuously providing free medical care. Today's program is part of the continuous activities of Chhatra Shibir to help the flood victims. Insha Allah will continue our activities. The holy Eid is coming soon. Our Eid joy will not be fulfilled, keeping in mind the millions of people affected. We hope that all the people, regardless of opinion or party, will stand by the flood victims in the implementation of the teachings of the Qurbani, and the teachings of brotherhood and the happiness of Eid.