Monday, 21 August 2017

Declare flood affected northern areas disaster zones to take emergency measures to prevent crisis

Chhatra Shibir flood relief efforts continue

Chhatra Shibir has continued flood relief activities as declared by the Central unit of Chhatra Shibir. As part of the declared activities, the Chhatra Shibir President Yasin Arafat has distributed flood relief among flood affected Dhonut upazila residents, and cash among the students.

During distributing relief, Shibir President said that there has been a huge loss due to the flood. There is emergency need for food, clean water and medicine, despite the withdrawing of flood waters in some areas. At the same time, water-borne diseases have spread and increased. Every day, the media publishes pictures of people stuck in neck deep water asking helplessly for aid. Although their conditions have worsened much due to the flood, the government has not taken effective measures to provide food, clean water, medicine or treatment to the affected. Although the government is busy with consolidating its own power, it does not care about the people. The human crisis will only increase if this continues.

He said, the sweet words of the government will not help the flood affected people much. We hope that the government and administration will take serious action to help all flood affected people in the country. At the same time, we believe that the people of this country will come forward to help their fellow brethren, and not stay quiet on seeing the helpless men, women, elderly and children. We hope that they will help and stand beside the affected people irrespective of party or ideology. Chhatra Shibir has asked its leaders and activists to stand beside the flood affected people, and a monitoring cell has been developed centrally to look at and monitor activities. Flood relief has been distributed at many places including Dinajpur, Jamalpur, Gaibandha, Sirajganj, Panchgarh, Lalmonirhaat, Nilphamari, and Thakurgaon. Such activities will continue in the future insha Allah. We ask the government to take immediate measures to remedy the situation and help in flood relief activities.