Friday, 18 August 2017

Appeal to stand beside flood affected people

Shibir forms monitoring cell to supervise flood relief activities

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has issued directives to its members and activists to stand beside flood affected people in various places of the country. At the same time, the Shibir President Yasin Arafat has appealed to the government and the wealthy elite to stand beside the victims at this crisis period.

In an emergency meeting by the Chhatra Shibir Secretariat, a monitoring cell was formed to monitor and supervise the flood relief activities in flood affected areas. While supervising the meeting, the Shibir President said, the country has been flooded again, and news has come of the death of more than fifty people. There has been large scale losses in crops and households, and people are living miserable lives. There is lack of food and water and the situation is worsening each day. But the alarming issue is that the government has not done anything worthwhile to help the flood affected people. Although a large portion of the flood affected people are leading miserable lives, they have not received any help from the government yet. Whatever is being given is limited to part followers and supporters.

Asking the leaders and activists to give the utmost consideration to the flood affected people, the Shibir President said that the organisation had always stood beside the affected people since its inception. Shibir had also created a monitoring cell the previous year to monitor and coordinate the flood relief efforts. The humanitarian efforts by Shibir are not to please any person or party, to gain the satisfaction of Allah (SWT). Every member and activists of Shibir has to come forward to help the flood affected people in one way or the other. The student community also has to come forward to help. In the meantime, many Shibir personnel have already started helping in the relief efforts. This has to increase significantly.

In the meeting, an 8 member committee was declared, with Secretary General Mobarak Hossain the Convener, and Rezaul Karim the member secretary.The other members of the committee are Salauddin Ayyubi, Hasanul Banna, Mohammad Atikullah, Harunur Rashid, Hasnain Ahmed and Tarequr Rahman. Moreover, they will be helped by the volunteer and medical teams to aid in the flood relief efforts.

He further asked the government to make flood relief available for the flood affected people. He also appealed to the leaders and activists, and the wealthy people to stand beside the flood affected people at whatever capacity possible.