Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Strong condemnation of IGP false remarks regarding Chhatrashibir

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir has strongly protested the false remarks by Inspector General of Police, AKM Shahidul Islam, regarding Shibir, when he said, “The deceased militant at Panthapath was a Shibir activist”.

In a joint protest statement, the Central President Yasin Arafat and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that we are shocked at the baseless allegations by police official AKM Shahidul Islam that the deceased Saiful at Panthapath was involved with Chhatrashibir , which is completely false. The deceased Saiful Islam had no links whatever to Shibir. Such attacking speech without any justification or evidence is motivated and mysterious. As evidence for his baseless allegations, he said that no other group except Jamaat-Shibir would have attacked on the national day of mourning that Bangabandhu, the father of the nation, died. Those who conspired to kill Bangabandhu, have also made conspiracy to carry out this incident. According to his logic, Awami League is responsible for carrying out this incident, because Awami League individuals themselves were involved in his killing and supporting his killing back then, and this is part of history.

Such a nefarious attempt by a person involved with the security forces is a shameful attempt for the country and the people, and a worst form of example of irresponsibility. The person in question has also been involved in previous such instances of display of political and callous behavior.

This has been primarily to embroil Chhatra shibir with false accusations. The countrymen have seen that many such attempts have been seen by ministers of the state, including the interior minister and others form the MP’s. Police have done similar things. Such questionable statements by police relating to terrorism has confused the people and the countrymen. This has only increased by today’s statement. We want to remind this biased policeman that extremism in Bangladesh had begun in the Awami League’s rule and the first was the brother-in-law of Awami leader Mirza azam including Bangla Bhai and others. One of the prime Gulshan attackers, Rohan, was son of Awami League leader Imtiyaz Khan. The Trishal incident in Mymensingh where JMB operatives were released was done with aid of Bhaluka thana Juboleague Co-Secretary general Ataur Rahman Kamal. Even in the light of anti-terrorist drives of the government, the arrest of Narail sadar upazila Chhatra league President Gazi Abdullah Al Mamun was carried out as he was the prime suspect in countrywide 63 district bomb attacks. Zarail Sadar thana OC Subhash Bisshas confirmed this. Even the Prime Minister herself false accused terrorist Fahim to be connected to Shibir which the Madaripur police themselves refuted. Moreover, many Awami League leaders are themselves involved with terrorist acts, but this police official never takes their name. It is clear to the countrymen that the government has recruited such police officers to hide their failures. The countrymen think that his speech has not being given as a police officer but as a supporter of Awami League.

We think that this outrageous speech is part of conspiracy against Islam and the Islamic movement. We want to strongly state that Chhatrashibir  is constantly working peacefully with the students in the country for change and betterment. There is no tie of Shibir with terrorism because we do not believe in it.

The leadership said that such abandonment of ideals to serve vested interests is a big neglect of duty and responsibility. If the highest official is involved with such remarks then it worries us to think fo what those below him are involved with. But the people are hopeful that police will be more responsible with their duties. If the police continue such a role, then they will only garner people’s dismay and lack of trust.

The leadership prayed that the police would abandon such provocative and vindictive speech of false accusing Chhatrashibir  and properly play their role in taking measures against the defaulter