Monday, 14 August 2017

Shibir Secretary distributes aid among flood affected people in Jamalpur

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra shibir has distributed aid among flood affected people in Jamalpur.

Today, Mobarak Hossain, the Secretary General of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, toured the flood affected areas and distributed aid among flood affected people in Jamalpur. At this time, he was accompanied by Central Library Secretary Hasnain Ahmed, Gazipur City President Abdul Jalil Akanda, Mymensingh City President Jashim Uddin, Jamalpur Zila President Khandakar Moqaddes Ali, and other local leaders.

At this time, the Shibir Secretary said, the natural disasters have destroyed the lives of people one by one in various areas. Agricultural produce and households have been severely affected. The country is now facing serious environmental disasters, the brunt of which is being felt by rural people. The government has failed to stand beside these affected people, and has not done much to alleviate their suffering. Despite giving some aid, these provisions were distributed among party people of the Awami League and their supporters, which created more problems for the general people. If this situation continues, this will give rise to a bigger crisis.

He further said, among the fundamental activities of Chhatra Shibir is to stand beside the affected poor people according to its capacity. This is due to its social responsibility to stand beside the affected people. Such activities of Shibir will continue. It is the duty of the government to understand and serve the citizens and work to remedy their problems. These problems can be remedied in a short time if the government works in an efficient manner. So we would like to ask the government to help the poor affected people and aid in their rehabilitation. We believe that the people of this area are capable of regaining their lives through hard work and dedication by the Grace of the Almighty..