Sunday, 13 August 2017

Chhatra League is giving inflammatory speech against Chhatra Shibir to hide its own mischief

Yasin Arafat, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir said that when Chhatra League, which had created a bad name for itself through its evil activities among the people, was trying to hide its own mischief by implicating Chhatra Shibir via inflammatory speech.

He said this at a Chhatra Shibir unit representative program held in the capital, where he was the chief guest. The program was presided over by Secretary General Mobarak Hossai, and attended by special guest Central Publications Secretary Sirajul Islam, among others.

The Shibir President said, Chhatra League President had ordered his workers to take the law into their own hands while attacking Chhatra Shibir. At his behest, violence has broken out against innocent students in various places of the country at the hands of Chhatra League terrorists. In Sylhet, two Chhatra League members were injured in an internal clash. Clashes in the area had been occurring as part of a senior-junior conflict within the ranks of Chhatra League for some time. Moreover, CCTV footage given to the police by the hospital authorities resulted in an attack and vandalism on the hospital premises by the Chhatra League. This incident clearly proves that the Chhatra League had been initially behind the attack. However, the leadership of Chhatra League had done extreme injustice through placing blame on others through provocative speech. Such illegal orders make it a terrorist organisation. There is no doubt they are trying to move the lens of the people away from their unlawful and evil activities. Chhatra League itself has set the bar for evil activities through terrorists such as Badrul and Shakil, rapists such as Jahangirnagar University’s Manik, indiscriminately shooting at a fetus of a pregnant mother, killing and burning one’s own party member to ashes, among others. Moreover, killing, rape, arms trafficking, tender grabbing, extortion, drugs trade and use, and other uncivilised activities are the bread and butter of the Chhatra League. Hence, blaming Chhatra Shibir will not change their reputation one bit.

He said, through this declaration of Chhatra League’s President of taking the law into one’s own hands, the organisation has shown that it does not care about following the rules of the country or its constitution, hence they are a terrorist organisation. Those who take the law into their own hands, can easily break it and do evil acts. It is the duty of the present to stop these evil acts of the Chhatra League, because every rape, killing or murder happening in the country is seemingly tied to that organisation. We want to clearly state that the countrymen are awake and ready.

This conspiracy of hiding one’s own mischief through blaming Chhatra Shibir will not succeed. We believe in a peaceful and democratic path. We condemn every evil act and demand justice. At the same time, we want to declare that Chhatra League’s wish of destroying Shibir will not succeed. Shibir is ready to give the just answer to any unjust action or violent provocation by the Chhatra league. Chhatra Shibir will not be cowed down by anybody’s irresponsible rantings/ We hope and pray that the student society and the people will reject this terrorist student organisation the Chhatra League and stand against their evil actions.